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To be fair, it's not showing up in your signature block.

(When did that happen and how come I didn't notice until now?)
It's in the "From" bit. Hover over my name on the left.


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I think the following should be adapted;
:safe: D¡ckhead

:thumleft:. Like it or I agree with you

:crash:Calm down

:sleepy:. You're Boring

:hump:. Fecking kiss-arse

:donut:. Arrsehole
How did they make those pyramids?
You've forgotten already? It's only been about 4 and a half thousand years since you had them built.
I think we should just keep the positive buttons.

I've never had to use a negative or neutral rating purely on the basis that I'm more than capable of forming a reasoned argument if I either disagree or dislike someone's content.

Moreover, since the site turbo-mongs (those with little or no military experience, often found dwelling in the Brexit threads) cannot help themselves, it would force them into providing a response, however unintelligent, as opposed to simply hitting the mong buttons and thereby making themselves look even more ridiculous than they do now.
May as well have some fun, keep them but disable for certain users. Some of us wouldn't notice of course.
Perhaps the 'powers that be' should sell them, say a quid per 100, to keep this absolutely wonderful site in pennies.
Make the negative ones more expensive just to upset certain people. Or one negative for every 10 positive given or received.
Arrse already isn't as good as it used to be. Last thing we need is to be charged for the privilege.
Imagine how frustrated bugsy (and others ) would get over having to pay to mash the buttons.


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Possibly a sliding scale so throbbers like Bugsy and Meerkatz pay a lot, and to paragons of virtue and wit such as myself hem, hem it's free
Ration them. 20 likes, 20 funnys, 5 groans and 5 dislikes per month (informative off the ration) and see what the black market rate is at the end of the first week.
We could all just pretend the buttons are working, again the button mashers will have fits
How about fixing it so that the mong emoticons are are only visible to those who post them.
Everyone except O'Fibber gets the bullshit button back.

I predict a tidal wave of shit and blood in the sewers of Nottingham as his piles explode.
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