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Likely to start a trend?

It was only a matter of time before the donkey wollopers started attracting fe-males, what with all their shiny jewallery and pretty ponies.
Seriously though, look at her, standards are slipping already. Her boots are in rag order and her tunic looks like it was just thrown at her. picture her with a number 2 back and sides.But im sure she has a nice personality
I'll open the book on how long it takes for the "sexual harassment" allegations to start ; 6 months.
And another one on the amount of compo she gets ; £250k
One of them is the Household Cavalry's first female bandmaster, the other is a horses Arrse. You decide!.

On a more serious note? Is it not the HCR that have a small tradition of addressing their WO1s as "Mister". Might all change when the Private retorts "A'right Mrs".

Horsing around to one side, congratualations on your new promotion.


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