likely posting in uk?

hi, new to this forum.

am just about to join IC as a linguist.could anyone from the Corps tell me where im likely to be posted in the uk after 2yrs lang training at DISC ?

would like to make plans re property etc as would like to live out but not too far away. if going abroad ill rent out.cheers for any advice.
flash_to_bang said:
is that see PM as in prime minister? skip the middle man and check out where dubya Bush wants you to go.
oh yes, and learn to talk b*****ks.
What did you want to go linguist for :lol: . Boy were you poorly advised at the careers office. Have you heard the term dark side yet?
Boy were you poorly advised at the careers office
I thought the same thing whilst on the course and the whole career incentives for doing the course are none existent but doing a language is not a bad thing by a long way.

I've been sent out and am doing a quality job and just because I have a language under my belt and you don't have to be a dark-sider, I've not done a single bit of dark-siding yet although I know it will catch up with me and I will have to do a bit to pay the piper.

Postings are one of two places but you don't get a choice though. One is quite fluffy and office bound and the other is on the edge of hell but if you want to get deployed try and come to hell, it's got a nice beach!!

These days you don't need to be a dark-sider all your career and having the language opens many doors later on - Don't listen to those who didn't have the open-mindedness to spot a definite career advancer (In the long-run anyway)
ghostrider said:
On saying that though, of what i've seen on the dim side, i'd rather have stayed in the dark.
Luke I am your father... come back to the dark

There are 256 shades of grey on the light side as well as 24bit colour. Yet all you see looks dim?

Perhaps Ghostrider, you have forgotten to take off your DI 24 shades??
steb4life, someone is having you on! It took me 6 years to get out of the dark side. Once they've got their paws on you your stuck, no matter what piffle is being spouted over at the hq.
I'm not going off the corporate PR, which I agree is a complete load of cack, I'm talking from personal experience. You're only stuck if you want to be or you don't do anything about managing your own career. For example if you are Pre-OPMI you can do the Light side courses which will give you more chance or instructor stuff to go to Winchester/DSSS. The only people who say that it's not possible are people who haven't tried. As I keep getting told the only person who will best manage your career is yourself and if you go about things in the ahem 'right' way doors do open!
The question i raise is a simple one. After 6 years of trying to come out of the dark, was it really worth it?

Granted, there are some decent jobs on the "dim side", but, they aren't really dim sidey jobs are they? You've gotta go and do some more courses for them. They're a separate entity alltogether.

What i'm saying is - for a baseline tradey type OPMI job, id rather be sat in the dark than discussing the state of camp security with someone who

a. Isn't really interested.
b. Hasn't got the money to do anything about it.
What about FAS and the Int Corps? Will linguists be posted to the new GS Companies?
ghostrider said:
id rather be sat in the dark than discussing the state of camp security with someone who

a. Isn't really interested.
That'll be the well rounded LE DI (SI) STRAPSO then?

What about the USO's in the sandbox ??

Although money is a great help, a sound understanding of the principles of security will normally get you a lot further than money spent on a poorly specified security system.

Especially one that no-one on the dark side ever bothers to respond to.
( we switched it off to stop that buzzing noise.... :oops: ...)

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