Likelihood of Infantry Platoon Commander after Sandhurst?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Edzor92, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Hello all,

    I was at an Airshow recently, and when talking to an Army recruitment office, I expressed an potential future interest in joining as an Officer in the Infantry. However, the recruiter I was talking to proceeded to say that only very top Sandhurst graduates are considered for Infantry regiment command following comission.

    Could anyone please tell me how accurate this is?

  2. Infantry only picking those cadets that are in the top third is something that has been discussed before. Do a search for the thread.
  3. Depending on the regiment (I'm not naming any and starting a fight) you can get into an infantry batallion from the middle third. Bottom third however is right out. So with the right selection of regiment you can have up to a 66% chance.
  4. Start the process mate! Go see your Army Officers Careers Advisor, most infantry regiments that I've spoken to always mention that they take the best officers, but who says you wouldn't be in that top 3rd?
  5. I agree with most comments and would suggest that you throw your hat in the ring and take the chance. Good luck in your future endeavours.
  6. Cheers guys!
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I suspect that every regiment and corps in the army says this and yet, strangely, you don't find a third of the Commissioning Course heading for the Camberley Job Centre the day after Sovereign's Parade.
  8. Which corps and regiments would say " don't worry chap do your worst at RMSA, we only accept bottom third cadets...." ?
  9. The Rifles recruiting officer (a really decent guy, by the way) told me the he has seen EVERY regiment take candidates from the second third for one reason or another. That includes the paras, so I think most regiments don't tell the truth about that kind of thing.

    The Infantry is meant to be fairly competitive, but selection for a place is a function of performance at interview, fit in the officers mess, fit with the soldiers and performance at Sandhurst. The weight they apply to each if these seems to vary somewhat. Some regiments also take intelligence and, occasionally, sporting prowess into account.
  10. RAMC for non-PQO??
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I bet they still claim they're looking at the top third...
  12. I don't think they make any claims - they just loiter at the back and wait for losers to get no offers before sweeping in! Plus you have the "joined up to find a husband" girls who are quite happy with AGC(SPS) and RLC, and then the "not as bad as they could be" girls that the RA and RE take to look like they are PC.
  13. RA for my intake announced that they were not looking for top third but would be happy wherever you were...
  14. A few points:

    1: The top third/bottom third system is unreliable as you're only being judged against your own platoon. It's also a clumsy way of ranking people because someone with the makings of a great Int Corps, RMP or REME officer (for example) might not be cut out for an infantry command.

    2: Every cap badge goes about selecting officers in a slightly different way. There are some which will pretty much ignore your Sandhurst progress reports and go by your personal statement, interview and how you performed on fam visits.

    3: With this in mind, bottom third to infantry can and does happen.

    4: That said, being listed as top third is never going to harm your chances of getting into a regiment.
  15. My platoon commander told everyone involved in the Regi selection process that everyone was top third. In his words "if you're above the quality line, what does it matter?"

    At RSB all that gets brought to the party is your goodself. If you interview like a turnip, then you pile in. No one knows who is top, middle, or bottom.