Likelihood of becoming a Scimitar crewman in the HCav?



Hi there,
I'm currently applying for the Household Cavalry and was just wondering what the likelihood would be of me getting the opportunity of serving in Scimitars rather than Jackal/ Panther?

Does everybody get the opportunity? Or is it literally what they have a position for?

Cheers :-D
You'd probably get a better response if you posted the question over in the RAC forum mate. :)
(Mods, move to RAC?)

03', where in the process are you? Mention it to your recruiter, and they'll be able to give you some info, and perhaps get you talking to someone from an FR regt.


Cheers guys, I'll stick this in the RAC forum. And I'm preping for my pre-ADSC at the moment, so quite early in the process. But I will ask, next time I see him.
Thanks :D

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