Like Shooting Fish in a Barrell

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. I just know that this will get a rise out of Dogface and some caustic comments from the usual sources.. but, this news clip iscjust too good to pass on/up...

    " Since 1985, Los angeles police officers have shot themselves or one another nearly as often as they were shot by suspects [ source the Los Angeles Times ]"

    " the police department has logged more than 350 ' accidental discharges ' of guns and more than a dozen so-called ' friendly fire ' incidents. the vast majority of accidental shootings appear to have been avoidable and generally the result of carelessness. "
    " One off-duty officer shot himself in a leg as he sat behind his desk, according to department records, as he contemplated a 'complex mathematical problem ' officer accidentally shot his girlfriend in the leg while trying to retrieve a cartridge from his handgun as a ' memento ' of their date... Two officers accidentally discharged their weapons as they handled them at home while watching themselves in mirrors " [ quick draw practice or were they ' re-enacting ' the Travis Bickle scene from Taxi Driver - Yoo tawkin' ta me? ]

    ah... America...
  2. I've done that before, left a terrible stain on the carpet :oops:
  3. LAPD is infamous for innefficiency and corruption. Old news.
  4. Dear God, how can the force afford all that wasted ammo?

    I was aware that the LAPD had it's share of problems, like most other forces, but this is something else. I won't be able to watch Adam-12 and Dragnet in quite the same way now.
  5. Cops blowing themselves away daily is normal boring every day stuff eh CJ? :lol:
  7. Dogface, I think you're beautiful..... :p
  8. Shouldn't what you ugly duckling..... :lol:
  9. Dogface, obviously my assumption was correct in my ' smartass opening '..and you rose to the occasion beautifully...
    as to the article in question.. it was neither taken out of context nor misquoted..I implicitly believe the accuracy of the Los Angeles Tmes reporting as they have access to police records I obviously do not..

    no doubt you are right in certain circumstances regarding the lack of training, etc.. but it is easy to infer from some of the quoted examples that the boys in blue were tryi9ng to live up to a cinematic vision of the police and not paying attention to the reality...still the idea of giving your girlfriend a bullet as a memento of a memorable evening brings a tear to my eye....
  10. ... and Rocketeer Dogface said 'perhapr' I shouldn't. PERHAPS? The guys a raging pooftah!
  11. You're far too csmart for me Dogface, espacially at 0210.... :wink:
  12. Bit tired now but I promise I'll kick your arrse tomorrow....
  14. Sarcasm, irony and p1ss take. You don't get either do you? You wust be a Yank. How will I kick your arrse you ask? A big red boxing glove filled with sand is inside your PC. I have a botton here that when I press it that big red glove will spring out from a hidden door on one side of your PC screen (you're looking for it right now aren't you eh?), and it will smack you clean in the fizzog. That's how, so beware..... :p