Like goldy and silvery, but made out of iron...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fas_et_gloria, May 11, 2005.

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  1. I was in the middle of composing this when the thread was deleted. It seems a shame to waste it.

    I’m quite taken with the irony of this juxtaposition:

    I think we’ve gone rather a long way towards proving your original thesis. On both counts...
  2. Goldy, silvery,'s obviously ferrous own good?
  3. Cuddles, I zinc thats the worst pun I've heard for ages.
  4. Quick, someone call 1958, we've found their joke. :lol:
  5. Sorry, didn't mean to brass you off... 8)
  6. PMSL.

    Too too funny.
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    Au ! Come on IA, steel yourself.
    Cuddles just lead you on a bit, he didn't mean to brass you off - what are you going to do ? Call a copper ?
    You can always switch the pewter off and go bronzy in the sun.

  8. Folk, I'd expected a more coherent set of responses. These have the look of being just, I don't know, cobalt together.
  9. Looks like its going to be left to me to take the lead.
  10. Don't worry, F_E_G, you wont have to go alone, I will be your alloy. After seeing off Cuddles we can celebrate by going to the palladium. It's cheap to get in, only costs a nickel.
  11. Bunch of fU cking Irons
  12. Thanks, IA, glad to see I've galvanised some support. It was a siliconversation to start with really, but we'll just have to solder on.
  13. Fas, you've clearly brazenly wrought some damage here and I wouldn't be surprised if you were cast out. You should steel yourself.
  14. I think we need some base aluminumation (Yank spelling, it works in my head) on what the conversation's about in the first place ore we're just going to end up going round in circles.