Like first person shooters ? tried "left for dead"

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by bwtsninja, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Awesome game , made by the same dudes that did half life and counter stike . This vid shows the quality of the graphics during gameplay ( if you have a high spec gaming PC they are even better !!! )

  2. i have this on PC & xbox. The game is probably one of the best I have ever played - they really managed to get the whole team working thing down to a T.

    Regarding high spec PC - I have this just fine running on Windows using Bootcamp for Mac. My system is one of the unibody macs (now rebranded as the 13" pro), but even so there no means designed for games - but the game runs fine.
  3. Got it on the Xbox. It's ok, a bit easy I thought. The real challenge is when playing online as a team.
  4. i play it with Vista 64 , 8G RAM , dual nvidia 9600GT's in SLi along with 7300 quadcore processer specced for max sli , liquid cooled system , overclocked and 7.1 surround sound

    yes im showing off but it is the bollox of a game to play on this system lol

    Heres what it looks like on my PC :

    Left4Dead - max spec
  5. Peasant. Q6600 @ 4.6ghz Vista64, 8gig ram 2x XFX 285 gtx 1 gig. 1x 160 winders drive + 3x 750gig WD deathstar in stripe plus parity all water cooled. Not tried L4D yet must get round to it but i just cant tear myself away from TF2