Like Extreme Sports? Daredevil wanted for TV programme!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JonC, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm posting this here hoping that there are a large number of you who have a strong sense of adventure!

    I work for a television company called Love Productions and we are making a Channel 4 documentary about the history of stuntmen and daredevils (ie back in the 1800s to today). It is basically going to tell the story of the various stunts that "daredevils" carried out - like "The Great Blondin" who tight-rope walked across the Niagara Falls, Bobby Leach who built himself a barrel to go down Niagara Falls in and Sam Patch who jumped off various buildings and bridges across America.

    We will be visiting the sites of some of the first stunts that took place and will be aiming to re-create some of them.

    We are looking for someone to be the face of the programme, who needs to have a genuine passion in the origins of the extreme sports that they carry out today. They will also need to be prepared to re-create some of the original stunts - which will include the first ever base jump, a tight-rope walk (the length depending on the presenter's capabilities) and the barrel down a waterfall (not the Niagara Falls! - but probably down a 10 metre falls).

    Part of the programme will involve training the presenter (as I doubt they will have experienced all the stunts before, although the more experienced the better!) and testing the equipment etc which we will try and keep authentic to the original gear that was used.

    While we will of course have all the Health and Safety in place, including a stunt co-ordinator we are keen to get someone on board who will try and push the boundaries and will want to give us the most impressive stunts possible.

    If you are interested or know someone that may be I'd be really grateful if you could get back to me ASAP - either message me here, email me: jon.crisp @ or call me on 0207 067 4838.


  2. Over the years I have become an expert in falling down stairs, one night I fell down the the same flight of stairs no less than 10 times. I've been hit by a few cars, crashed my bike loads, fallen out of a ground floor window, all of this while very very drunk. :oops:
    Stuntman? No, clumsy drunk? Yes :D :D

    Will there be a large breasted co-presenter?
  3. I take it you won't discriminate against a chap in a wheelchair , oh my lack of arms wont matter either ? :D

  4. all ex jlr rac one pace forward march.
  5. (Ex) Private Golden? Perhaps Sandy would volunteer to get him in the right shape for broadcast.
  6. get him to do it then!!!
  7. At last!!!!!THE CALL! I am your man.I have military training,and,possibly as a result,I am a total idiot.I am of mature age,nearer to70 than 60,but,I am still agile and I can scoff a schooner like nobody's business.I look forward to meeting you and signing up.I won't accept money,the glory will be enough.Thanks in advance. :D
  8. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    I would be well up for that sort of thing, What exactly is involved?
    It sounds like loads of fun, anything beats sitting in an office all day.
  9. Can I be the first to offer my services. I would like the honour of emptying the barrel.

    P.S. can you make it full of Wadworths 6X
  10. Would it not be funnier if it was presented by a slightly overweight, clumsy RAF Officer with a fear of heights and limited swimming ability?
  11. What about reprising that old Love Productions series 'Baby Borrowers' and getting some Arrsers to look after other people's toddlers for a while...
  12. Good idea BFBS, live from Portugal per chance ?