Like curries? whats your favourite?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by poodpood, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. Me, I like a lamb Madras, no rice, just a paratha (flat bread) and a chapati. A side dish of Sag Bahji goes down well.

    The Madras Sauce soaks into the paratha and is delicious once you've scoffed all the lamb.

    I used to be into chicken curries, but now it's always lamb, nice and tender.
  2. Any curry does me. Anything from Johnnie G's in the 'shot particulary, even though I haven't ben there for it still there?
  3. No and none.

    Not very helpful I know but there you go......
  4. You don't like curries???????????????? Nurse!!!!!!!
  5. anything from Shaffi's, Borneo Lines HK. The ring stinger t-shirt picture was spot on.
    Heard the barracks are empty, guess the PLA aren't fans
  6. Me - I like a good Chicken Madras - Placed on top of an afternoons worth of drink, it will keep you going until you do battle in the Kebap shop at chucking out time. But equally good when Mrs HR tells me I have been naughty and am not allowed out to play with my friends so have to seek solace in curry at home.

    PoodPood - May I just congratulate you on targeting the important things in life instead of worrying about the triva the we spend too much time discussing here!!!
  7. I love curries - prefer indian to chinese though! Usual order (home delivered I must add) chicken & mushroom vindaloo, chapati, chips and pillau rice!! Only eat half and the rest the next night!! yum yum At least once a week too! Never affects me the way curry affects most folk so its "no toilet roll in the fridge" or "shot through me like a porsche" or "flock of sparrows on toilet pan" lol
  8. Garlic Chilli Chicken with Mushroom Pilau Rice from The Mahabharat in Wigan.
  9. *Sigh* Then the terrorists have won. :(

    FFS! What was the point in going through the hassle of taking over India if freedom-haters like you don't like curry? I hope you at least have the decency to enjoy the odd brew every now and then or the Empire would have been for nought! :wink:

    For anyone going anywhere near RAF St Athan, there's a place in Llantwit Major called the Golden Spice. Top-drawer stuff there. Unfortunately I only get to partake once or twice a year when I'm visiting the parentals. The Chicken Madras is good sh1t, and (although not strictly curry) the Chicken Tikka Biryani is great. Free poppadoms with take-out too.

    Been in Los Angeles for 4 years now and still only found one halfway decent Indian- in Santa Monica. And just to show that God has a plan, there are two Brit ex-pat pubs within about 50yds. Good drills to the man who figured that one out 8) .
  10. chicken tikka
  11. Make my own Fav is lamb and chicken byriani or fish in green chillie and coconut milk Goa stlye
  12. Onion Bhaji, Chicken Tikka Sag, garlic naan and plain rice from Maharani in Colchester. Spinach in the curry gives me massive windy pops enabling me to 'dutch oven' the missus all night. She finds it just as hilarious as I do obviously.
  13. Tried eating curries in India (Goa) - they are rubbish!
  14. love onion bhajis
  15. Well of course they are, foreigners can't make curries - they're a British invention.

    All this talk of food is making me hungry - early lunch today I think.