Like a Peter Kay sketch but, you know, good. And TRUE!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. Ice cream war breaks out in Blackburn as Mr Whippy and Mr Yummy lose their cool | Mail Online

    Just like in Peter Kay's hillarious sketch about two ice cream men, one of whom sells porno under teh counter (or that cornettos?), two Ice Creammen go to war!!!

    When the 'cold war' gets hot!

    For those who don't know the sketch, it was teh 6 sketches he originally did, before Pheonix Nights (which was a spin off from one of the six sketches, and later created teh spin off 'Max and Paddy' about the two hapless bouncers of the Pheonix nightclub.)
  2. Nearly at 20,000 posts now.
  3. The Horror! The Horror!
  4. Blame the Asians.
  5. Haha the ******** who had his window smashed did more damage to his van ramming the other ********* van.
  6. Cheers.

    I do like the constant updates... It saves me looking at my post count, which to be fair. I never do.

    Because it doesn't matter.
  7. It's not the quantity but the quality that counts.
  8. And I am not really fussed about either...

    And as Jo Stalin said... 'Quantity has a quality all of its own'.

    Seriously, I don't give a fcuk about how many posts people have posted... why does any body actually care? If you don't like what is written, ignore it.
  9. Saw Peter Kay at the O2. Very unfunny and very expensive.......
  10. No charge.
  11. Peter Kay's done a hilarious sketch? (NB; only one L.)

    Who knew?
  12. Doesn't that put you in rather a difficult position?
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  13. If I'd have wanted to post a racist comment, I would have done it myself. But I'm not a moronic BNP/KKK arsewipe so I didn't.
  14. No but you would make a good one.