Lightweights In Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cable_dog, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. Having recently been back too Blandford for a few days. I have noticed that the Recruits are now wearing Lightwieght trousers, Green Shirts and Jumpers. I thought they went out years ago. Anyone know the score ? ? ?
  2. yes mate i do ...... its just to make them stand out as trainees ..... something the rsm and co wanted to do ......... the fact there mostly 17 and look it doesnt give it away apparently
  3. Brought back in (by the current badge I think, although I'm not certain) a few months back to make the kiddies stick out from the upgraders & short course personnel.
  4. exdropshort wrote:
    Bearing in mind that some may return very quickly after finishing their class 3 courses for more courses it probably is quite hard to tell the difference.
  5. yeah but the stable belts might of given that one away i feel along with the unit flashes oh and the fact they dont march
  6. Its better target indication, when doing military shouting.
  7. I think everyone should be standing by to wear this rig again. Its on its way back in a slightly different form!
  8. When you say its coming back in a different form do you mean as funky and hip or green and a pain in the arrse to iron?
  9. Everyone marches now, and I've seen quite a few sprogs wearing stable belts while I was there, although they might have stopped that now?
  10. Good idea by the Badge.
  11. I heard rummors that we will all be wearing drill kit again in barracks. Something to do with CB95 costing to much to replace so often with the IR treatment it gets. Am i the only one who heard this?
  12. For some obscure reason, when I read this thread title, I imagined that the Corps had recruited a lot of southern shandy drinkers :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  13. I recently visited the clothing store and was issued new lightweights (no map pocket and slightly longer), new green shirt (apparently easier to iron and certainly not the old horsehair variety) and a new jumper (the ones we always used to wear not the Tammy Girl ones we were issued for a bit); it was quoted to be the new barrack dress. The Badge at Blandford might just be premature, most of them are, but it's the first I've heard of anyone wearing it.
  14. The trainees at Deepcut were all in lightweights and green kit when I did EFP there in 03
  15. I spent some time at blandford and I thought all you sigs were lightweights!! it was like a holiday camp not a training regt!!