Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

Good morning all. I'm looking for recommendations for a civilian equivalent to the issue waterproof jacket. Any suggestions of a supplier in the London area would be gratefully received.
Personally, I've been through some well known brands and their high end products and I have not found one that was equal to the 95 pattern DPM MVP jacket. Let me know if you get lucky.

EDIT: The RAF have a blue MVP 3/4 length jacket for RAFP which is pretty good. These turn up as new surplus from time to time
Will do. Sadly I need a totally civilian jacket, ie no military overtones.


Millets is a great store for outdoor and weather proof gear. They have a great selection and have shops all over London (my local one is in Enfield). Got a great pocket waterproof one there (you can stuff it into it's own pocket so it forms a small package you can carry around) but it's an actual jacket not just a plasticky overall. Have a look for yourself:

Men's Waterproof & Windproof jackets | Millets

Just tap the side to edit by price range. The jacket I mentioned is the Jack in a pack - £20.
Sprayway do good quality breathable jackets. The Berghaus RG-1 is pretty decent and, unless you're imitating going from arduous course to spelling test, the difference in breathability between them and Goretex ones won't be noticeable.
Get to a TKMax and trawl around for a Musto jacket for a quarter of the retail price. Lots of choice depending on the store.
I drive a Mountain Equipment "Changabang"

300 sheets.

Stay away from the piece of crap, my arms get soaking wet (dunno if its sweat or not) just walking.

It comes with a Ski Skirt zip type arrangement which I sewed to a set of DPM 'goretex' pants, having them pants zipped in is the only thing that stops the jacket riding up when you have a pack on, the pants are shit if you sit on a spongy scottish mountainside, you get a cold very wet arse, they have a NSN so are issue right??

I now carry a pice of neoprene in a plastic bag, its bad enough having your back sweat run down your arse crack, 3 layer breathable sweaty wet arse (and back and arms).
Atomic Montane is pretty good. Comes with a hood (better than a hat since it can't blow off), has a bit of wire in the peak, so you can see where you're going in a gale and wraps up to the size of your fist. Very light-weight too.

It's a popular jacket with fell runners.
Montane Minimus for me. Ultra light and folds into its own small bag.
I once popped into Decathlon not too far from me and picked up a cracking lightweight breathable/stretch fabric jacket for £70. Pockets could be a touch bigger (esp the chest one) but a cracking adjustable hood and pit zips too - looks pretty decent. Only thing I would suggest is that the sizes are a bit weird.
What do you need it for? Dog walking, winter mountaineering, fell running, normal walking etc?

Trail magazine often have trials, google them for the results, think the website is under live for the outdoors as opposed to trail.

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Get to a TKMax and trawl around for a Musto jacket for a quarter of the retail price. Lots of choice depending on the store.
Good advice. I used to trawl around 4 different TK's and used to turn up some normally expensive goodies fairly cheap.

Other than that get along to GO Outdoors......they have a website if you google.

Or, The Outdoor Shop near Milton Keynes which usually has a mega excellent sale in the new year company_main | Outdoor Equipment & Clothing for Rock climbing, Trekking, Backpacking, Hill Walking, Hiking, Mountaineering, Rambling | Outdoor Activities & Adventure Travel


I wear a decent Dubarry Gore Tex. Not cheap but then I didn't buy it!!!
Only need it for walking about town, but needed to to small and light. Finally settled for a Karrimor at £23. Thanks for all the advice.


Keela Munro jacket in red / black , I only wear a decent baselayer under it on the hills and I'm warm , certainly not a fashion jacket but if you need a great working jacket I'd have a look as it tough and has plenty of room in the arms and decent size pockets , the wired hood is great in either snow or heavy rain etc only thing I'd say is the sizing as I went done in size from what I would have had in other brands .... Oh and it's far to warm to wear mid summer.

If its worn daily then you'll need to re-proof every month just to keep the waterproofing up to scratch .

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