Lightweight walking boots

Me and missus Mag are off walking around eastern europe next month, can anyone think of a suitable lightweight walking boot that would be suitable for walking round town and cities as well as maybe the odd cheeky hill or two. Ive currently got Brasher Hillmaster's but im thinking that they may be a bit heavy and maybe even a bit too warm for the climate.
Look comfy but I generally steer clear of Goretex unless I intend going near very wet things as it can tend to make your feet very hot and sweaty after a full days walking. Dont forget to pack foot powder!
Ooooooh I am Flowers and I am a kit whore!

I'd recommend the Scarpa Hydrogen or Zero (although a bit more agressive) range for being lightweight and breathable, after trying on billions and bugging my mates for their thoughts, they mostly all came back with Scarpa. Plus they do specific Male and Female fit. Rather than other manufacturers who just making smaller sizes. Added to that they don't come in completely wanky colours either :-D

Linky for boots here

I wouldn't go for gortex either but just get some sealskinz socks if you think you're going to get your feet wet.
I tried on the Scarpa Hydrogen and they didnt feel as well fitting and as well made as the Salomon's. Proof is in the pudding though as they say, so I will have to put some mileage on them before I can give them the thumbs up.
As any good TA soldier (particularly after serving in Bosnia), I somehow managed to finish my time with a “surplus” of kit - now languishing in cupboards - with the intention of getting some use out of it all during my dotage - including new boots DMS for myself, and even Mrs RCT(V). Am I to understand that these are not now the epitome of practical footwear ?!!
I love karrimor KSBs. They made a non-goretex version for hot and dry places and they have the look of 'casual around town' too. Being KSBs, there's no need to break them in, just wear and go!
Ive got a pair of KSB's too. I blacked them up though for use in work and they are looking a bit old now too. Agreed though, decent pair of boots.

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