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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by re-stilly, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. After trying to explain a trenching vehicle we had the joy of operating in the 80's, basically it was a conveyor belt on a truck chassi. Can't remember the name of the bloody thing, can remember driving it, eventually getting it to bloody work. Can even remember what it looked like but for the life of me can't remember what it was called.
  2. Sorry "Light Mobile Digger"
  3. That's the bugger, only had it working twice in the time I was responsible for it, bloody thing.

  4. One of our lads ha to drive it from tidders to ripon so left two days before the rest of us ffs.
    There was one outside the museum In Chatham has that gone?
  5. The planty's used to draw lots to see who got to drive that bad boy in 3fd Sqn's support troop - guaranteed to deploy no further than the front gate before it blew all it's hoses and had to be towed ON to the area by the LAD - they ******* despised it.

    I never saw it used to dig a hole.
  6. We had one turn up on an exercise on Salisbury Plain in the mid-80s. It dug fairly impressively - but broke down about 2/3 of the way through the Company position... fortunately after our trench. :cool:
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  7. Yep, I was there then- probably the same one.

    I'm amazed it turned up, let alone dug 2/3 of the trenches.
  8. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    i remember seeing those , we demonstrated ketda a few time . Kit explosive trench digging aid . It blew the shape of a two man trench into loose soil then two sappers mit shovels dug the stuff out .
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  9. YES YES YES ! The good auld LMD ,made a racket that would have woken the 3rd Russian Shock Army in the Kremlin , Rolls Royce petrol engine that glowed in the dark .If it was looked after and operated properly , it saved a lot of Inf having to get familiar with the shovel gs . Mine didn't have the "luxury" of a cab so in winter I was a familiar sight bombing down the M3 to SPTA in ma cooncil donkey jacket , goggles and hats wooly clamped tae ma heid with a pair of those heavy oil filled ear defs that we had at the time. Happy days indeed -sigh , sniff !!!
  10. when was this.....1927?
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  11. Was based on the old RL Bedford, in the smae way Saxon was later based on the 8T Bedford
  12. Never heard of or saw it! Only ever dug trenches with a mk1 shovel.

    Only good thing was that we dug trenches once in a blue moon.
  13. If thats the Lightweight option what was the heavy ?
  14. This one:

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