Lightweight Landrover for Sale

1978 Series 3, 2.25 litre Petrol Engined Lighweight Landrover (ex RAF)

The land rover has been out of services for 8 years and before its release it was given a new engine which since has done 58,000 miles.

Original switchgear (IR / NORM switch, Rotary Selector etc) plus front nudge bars with powerful driving lamps and rear switchable spot light.

It has been given a hard top conversion which looks easy enough to take off if you wanted old skool soft top action.

wanting in the region of £1800 o.n.o because its all in good shape and mint inside and out.

Further Digital photo's, test-drive, further information on request...

If its in fairly decent condition cheeky, put it in the classifieds of "landrover international" or other publication you might get closer to £3000.

And if I didnt have my first born on the way I would be very interested.
Why not put it on Ebay? I sold a scooter in 2 days, and a colleague has just sold a WW2 Jeep very quickly. Also much cheaper than classifieds.
eBay is a bit of a nightmare setting up as a vendor but might as well give it a shot!

Oh updated the advert above with some natty pictures!
Also for sale: LandRover, company incapable of making decent product in last 10 years. Enquiries to Mr Ford, Dearborn, Michigan.
Have you put this on ebay? If so, put a link up for the auction please mate, i'd be interested to see how it does.

Landrover International have been emailed with an ad, I might also advertise it locally in the Press & Journal / Evening Address. eBay however will have to wait until around the 26th Sept as I've got to nip away for a fortnight!

Don't forget folks any questions related to this PM me and I'll strive to get them answered no matter how bone they are.

That's me back and I still want rid of the bugger!

1600 quid.....

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