I'm actually buying one of these before they get banned. I always wanted one as a child, and the ability to carry this thing about in my bag is excellent. Now, where are the nearest chavs to test it on...

available here but I don't know if it'll get through customs.
seems really stupid to me though why someting so dangerous is open to the general public and shipped worldwide. fair enough if you're responsible and just want to piss about a few times but what if someone really wanted this for the wrong things. what if some terry in aghan wanted to buy one? deffinately gonna be banned soon me thinks...pretty cool though i suppose.
well, these things are a very decent first step, but I am holding out for the real deal.
Darth Vader's red lightsaber is my preference, and from what Professor Michio Kaku, the Japanese string theorist says, may not be all that long from coming. Of course, when they do appear, the US Army will get them first.
After all, they consider themselves the true Jedi.

So you can/could buy a ‘dangerous’ laser but not a fire arm over the internet....

Surely haven’t such powerful mobile lasers be used for weapon industry? I’ve heard of a similar weapons grade laser but the machine was the size of the bus.

i think its a wah... bloody chinese

Would be hilarious to pull it out if you get jumped or attacked

Chav "gimme yo g's blud or ill shank u!"
*Engaging lightsaber Sound*
Yourself "hmm fool you are..."
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