Lights Out!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fozzy, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    It was bordering on criminally irresponsible for, oh, three terms of the last government. Having the Lib-Dems in the coalition ain't helping at the moment.

    Nuclear's the answer. Unfortunately it comes up against the ideological barrier.
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  2. we should've started building them 10-15 years ago tbh. does anyone know what the scope for fracking in the UK is? i know there are large potential reserves in poland and that france have outlawed it but thats about it. if we can get moving with that our gas prices would be a lot lower and we can knock out gas/oil fire power plants a lot quicker than nukes (which would give us some breathing space whilst we build them).

    either way we'll just be buying nuclear leccy of the french for quite a while.
  3. The US have realised that with fracking, they are self sufficient in methane and may be able to export. Best we build a few gas powered stations to tide us over until the new nukes come on stream. The dithering on this by successive governments is irresponsible.
  4. Noooooooooooo.

    No need for nuclear power stations. The whole country can be powered by wind turbines. I was told this by a Green party candidate who also advised me to remember to switch off sockets before pulling the plug out. This avoids wasting electricity as it leaks out of your sockets and into your house.
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  5. Surely the ARSSE energy policy of rendering fat bastards for fuel will surely save us all from cold dark nights.
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    And don't forget to close down businesses who are wholly responsible for polar bears vanishing from Scotland and we must dig up our motorways to plant legumes. If you can listen to a Green Party candidate for 10 minutes you are a better man than me. Their approach to the problem is similar to George W Bush's answer to global warming. "Our future technology will develop a solution. Not sure what because it is in the future. But it will".
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  7. This is true. I came back to a puddle of leccy in the kitchen the other day. Luckily I mopped it up before the Energy bill came through. Close one.
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  8. And that is why in tory circles now they are whispering that they should never have closed the mines.
  9. **** me rigid. A 200 years ago he would have been swatted about the head with an inflated pigs bladder from one end of the village to the other, where he would have been taunted cruelly by children. He would live in a dung heap and wear clothes knitted from sticks.

    Now the useless hand-wringing ballbag wants to 'represent' normal people as an elected member of a legislative body.
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  10. Shocking
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  11. I was reading up on this the other day.

    The most authoritative estimate for shale gas reserves in the UK is currently the British Geological Survey which estimates that there are 150bcm of technically recoverable reserves [52]. However, in September 2011 Cuadrilla Resources announced that it had found 200 trillion cubic feet (5,700 km3) of gas under the ground in the Lancashire area. This find is more than 10 times the reserves known to exist under the UK's part of the North Sea – more than the total known in all UK fields.[53]. This estimate was based on drilling only two wells. An updated assessment of UK technically recoverable reserves is expected to be published by the British Geological Survey in late 2012

    Which could be enough for a few dozen years - or do like the US and keep our own supply , use up the other peoples and see what happens in 2050.

    BBC News - Fracking could create 'thousands' of engineering jobs

    But the greeies do not want it of course.

    Time will tell :)
  12. problem is unless its in a pipe shifting gas is pretty expensive, unless gas prices in europe drop pretty dramatically (we're about 3 times that of the US thanks to fracking over there) we wont be running gas power stations profitably. sadly the cheapest way right now (with the current cost of oil/gas) is probably to buy it of the french.

    we could knock up more turbines reasonably quickly but if you want to make the costs work it really needs to be on-shore which means you need to be willing to piss off all the nimby's
  13. jesus titty ****ing christ.

    drill it till lancashire falls into the earth!
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