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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fertman, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. Small artice in today's torygraph: Blackouts by 2016 says watchdog. Now, beside the fact that talking dogs are relatively rare, the bit that got me was ' Ofgen, the national regulator of gas and energy, has suggested in a report that regular power cuts could start in 2016 - three years earlier than previously thought.'....never heard a word about it before......
  2. Oldies like me could be forgiven for remembering small villages where the street lights were turned out after the last train had arrived (in my case about 10.30 pm). I remember the scandal in the local press when they decided to keep them on until 1 am. Waste of money, who would need them &c.
  3. I know a small town/large village just to the North of London which doesn`t have street lights, and doesn`t want them. Takes all sorts, I suppose.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    It's another manifestation of Labour cowardice. With their Global Warming obsession, the only viable baseload option was nuclear and they didn't want to push that to their rank and file. The decision was needed years ago, Labour ducked it for party political reasons and now we have a great hole looming in our generation capacity.
  5. This has ben looming for ages - Yet councils have buried their collective heads in the sand and refused to change their approach. LED streetlights (which I am involved in in a small way) operate on almost half the power of a standard sodium light (and give a far better quality of light) but councils and their contractors find the flimsiest excuses to avoid using them, the main one being that they do not have identical light spread characteristics.

    They have also resisted partial switch off schemes or dimming schemes. They insist on lighting areas that do not need it and they waste millions of pounds on surveys, reports and research that are just not needed.

    Ultimately I believe that it is a case of people in public sector pay having to justify budgets and department sizes.

    Maybe there is a lighting engineer on ARRSE who can enlighten us further on this but my current view is that when blackouts come - which they probably will - it will largely be because the public sector and utility companies waste electricity in criminal amounts and resist or actively hinder the proposals to save this.

    Fly over any UK city and cringe at the sheer quantity of light coming from them - streetlighting is probably most Councils' biggest annual spend if averaged over the whole UK. It is also often run in PFIs which are hardly what you'd term value for money.

    Edited to add - I am also involved in Green Energy production and let me tell everyone - wind power will never be enough, tidal power, maybe but it will take decades to install and run. As was said earlier - its got to be nuclear and yet a nuclear power station takes years to install and fire up - we are way too late with it. As was stated , yet another manifestaion of Labour crapness. The Lib Dems would be fanatically against it as well (I asume) since most of the activists are lentil munching, sandal wearing teachers.
  6. Mr B- the real problem with the dimming schemes isn't the power savings it's that the scheme doesn't work. There's one near my house that is remarkably clever- the lights come on when you're about ten metres past them, which is just what's needed!

    I also got sent a bunch of low-energy lights free by NPower. Luckily, they turned up about ten minutes before a bulb blew in an uplighter. I did a like-for-like swap and found that the low-energy bulbs are really shockingly dim compared to the old-fashioned ones. There's no wonder they're low-power, they're low-output! Naturally, next time I was in Tesco I bought a shedload of proper bulbs... to hell with the planet!

  7. I hope you didn't throw the low-energy bulb in the bin when it failed. If you did you probably broke the law and have added the amount of mercury and other deangerous materials to the watercourse. In 10 years we will be counting the cost of all these new fangled bulbs - and the lights will still be going out!
  8. The best bit of grafitti ever: **** Churchill, he told Bethnal Green to keep the lights on so they bouldn't bomb the docks
  9. I too can remember when street lights went out at 22.30 and only a few were left powered .

    My LA has recently invited residents to suggest ways of how to spend the Environement Budget .... a task made difficult by them not informing residents exactly what was included in that part of the total Council spend . Anyway after some Internet research I did discover the areas they were talking about .... and indeed they were also trying to reduce the carbon foorprint . Residents were given the option to E Mail suggestions .... I sent two ...

    1 Arrange to delay the time at which all streets are switched on to be moved to 30 mins later and a similar effect for switching off . Thus saving 1 hr per day .

    2 Arrange to use digital switching techniques to switch off sections of lighting between 24.00 and 06.00 ( or something similar ) .

    I never received a reply .... I did not really expect one ... waste of time .... I am sure it was another box filling exercise to satisfy Whitehall .
  10. Very few people know what vortex actually means these X-Box game is it?....we are in one.