Lights out for the Lion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. This Months Navy News reports that both HMS Fearless and HMS Intrepid are to be Scrapped. the article says "Despite ambitious plans to turn the 'mighty lion' in to a floating hotel/hostel and a museum to the 1982 conflict in which she played a pivotal role, the only serious proposition was, sadly, the srapyard.

    Whitehall announced earlier this year the intrepid would be broken up now the Disposal Services Authority has agreed that Belgian firm Van Heyghen Recycling can pull both apart

    Both ships are currently awaiting their fate in Portsmouth Harbour where they have been moored for serval years.......

    Shame really, does anyone know who I could contact for a visit to take some photo's before they are srapped or would it be the Disposal Services Authority ?????



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  2. If this is true then how typical of this gang of half-witted, self-seeking spivs currently masquerading as a government.

    You have the 'bossed-eyed spiv' launching 'his' Armed Forces in all directions, and the 'glass-eyed bottling spiv' refusing to pay for anything. As a result ships of inestimable value are to be scrapped!

    Left hand, right hand - the worst government in hundreds of years, possibly ever.
  3. Disgusting
    I can only hope for argentina or some other bully boy nation to reammerge and start bullying us in the playground and watch the pitiful reaction from our government when they realise we have nothing to fight back with.
    It may be the only way to get these socialist, left wing, idiots out of office.
    Down with labour.
  4. I agree................ This is how I see it

    YES they are old ships, YES they would cost more to keep at see full time than two new ones. YES the navy is strapped for cash, but has the government never heard of a volunteer reserve navy, keep them fit for going to see, (small cost). exercise them say three times a year to keep everything operational and servicable, volunteer crews to help maintain them so little or not wages cost on that front.... if they were looked after they might give out at least another 30yrs of valuable service......

    All this and past governments seem to want to do is to reduce our Navy so that we can't effectivtly help out around the world.... Goes back as far as John Nott in Maggies Governement......



    PS I'd be happy to be part of a reserve navy to help
  5. Dunc - sounds good, but Intrepid is more knackered than a knackered thing and the cost of keeping it for the RNVR in the manner you propose would be astronomical. Fearless isn't in much better condition either. The chances of either giving 30 years more service even with an upgrade are implausible, not least since I believe that there are large amounts of asbestos to be removed and disposed of (both ships entered service before the Health and Safety at Work Act was even a mere flash of a synapse in a do-gooder's brain)..

    It'd be better to build another Ocean or Albion class (or obtain something similar) than attempt to bring either ship back into service. And much as I'd applaud turning one or both into museum ships, that money needs to come from some millionaire with a desire to see them preserved, rather than out of the defence budget.
  6. having been sea sick all over intreapid its a shame they are to be scrapped.. they should be kept as a museum piece.... just so you can see my sick stains down the sides,,,
    a sad fate..
  7. I'm sure the Argies would buy them.
  8. Do we actually have a RNVR of a decent size??? any ships that are kept in service by RNVR???

  9. HMS FEARLESS (L10) was in service whilst Saif Seria 2 took place, I was on it prior to deployment to Afghanistan. I hope they save 'The Death Star'.

    Intrepid was used for spares, I think..........