Lights out at 11 sig regt

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sayitloud, Feb 25, 2005.

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  1. I know this is yet another blandford topic but i only hope it does not get blocked becaase this really needs to be seen. It has become apparent that the Commanding Officer wants to enforce a lights out policy at the glorious 11 signal regiment. The time that has been banded around is 2330 hours. I can confirm that yes this is true that he wants this enforced on all phase two trainees, phase three trainees and permanent staff with a view to obtaining permission should you want to stay up after that. Now I know there will be a lot of crap going on when this is announced formally and from what I am aware 3 squadron upgraders have already been told to stand by. I ask one question. Why is the CO trying to make people that have been in the Army 14 years turn there lights off at a set time. And nobody upon nobody can say "ah but It IS a training regiment after all" because that just will not stand. Exams, revision, projects etc will be affected for starters and secondly it is in breach of every single persons rights. Are they gonna go to a married persons house to check. Never mind the beret shaping enforcement will be the lights off monitors next ladies and gents! Any valid replies are more than welcome.
  2. 8O

    This thread will not last long! What is wrong with a lights out policy? Does he mean that non-essential lights will be turned off at 2330 or is he threatening your civil liberties by making you go to bed at 2330?

    You need to be a little clearer on your post because as usual you sound like a Blandford bashing crow and the thread gets deleted...

    you do not give anything but "he want's to turn the lights off", no reason or anything...

    I doubt he would enforce such a thing if there were no good reason to!
  3. Yes he is trying to enforce that the lights in the Single Soldiers Living Accomodation will be turned off at 2330. Obviously he cannot make you go to sleep.....thats going to far....and Im not a blandford bashing crow....I just cant be arsed trying to show off how long i have been in and how many medals I have......
    And I can confirm that a confrernce is being held with the Squadron OC's this morning. So there you go....wind ya neck in!
  4. Before this gets out of hand I was one of the upgraders told this morning and after the initial thought of what the feck i thought about it and belive that a "lights out" policy if enforced will not actually be the switching off of lights and you being sent to bed, more trying to enforce silent hours both around the accomodation and the married quarters. As in no stereos blaring at 3 in the morning etc etc. If they were to do as sayitloud suggested then how would they enforce it, this would lead to a curfew, all solidiers booking in and out and more importantly absolute bloody anarchy.
  5. Forgive this 'net intrusion' in the Sigs forum, but if Blandford are apparently so set on raising standards in so much detail, it is surprising that we have not yet heard that they are actively publicising the 11 March registration deadline, printing off the darn forms and leaflets and making them available to all personnel and families.

    This is a perfectly serious point - upgraders and the like who are away from normal units, with their heads down on their studies, are amongst the most likely to forget to register, which is now an annual requirement.
  6. This is the 1st I've heard of the "lights out" rumour. You haven't been very clear over exactly what is planned. If it is a case of saving money by enforcing the turning off of non essential lights and making sure that others are not disturbed by one persons need to do his boots or ironing at 2am, I can't see the problem. As mentioned earlier, no one can make you go to sleep or stop you reading by bedside light. Don't panic...... it's not gonna be like the Apprentices College of bullying all over again!!
  7. :D

    Wind my neck in? I am not the pathetic little crow crying over something you clearly do not understand... If you are not a crow, try to act like a grown up instead. Punctuation, grammar and above all some sort of entertaining content or genuine scandal will help. You will note I had to read another individuals post to get the answer, this speaks volumes about your clarity!

    You have taken this rumour as an attack on your civil liberties and started a harmful post on this site based upon poor gossip! I accept the version of events that TheBull140 supplies, which is simply that just as in any other housing/accomodation setting; the CO wants to reduce noise, nuisance and light, something which he has a responsibility to the community for (why do you think he has to give late licenses to the messes).

    As usual, a Blandford bashing topic. Ill-informed scaremongering only worthy of The Sun! Not really worthy of these pages...

    The fact that you mention medals allied with your time served says it all to me!
  8. MEMO to self....

    23:30hrs too late, re brief SQN SSMs, new Light out to be 22:00Hrs

  9. for fcuks sake.

    Disco, recomend Humps gets shut down tonight ... ps why aren't u at the function ??
  10. just acept anothers word that what the co wants?so are you not accepting gossip then?
    PS i got medals as well :wink:
  11. :D


    The reason I accept the version of events supplied (on a non gossip basis) is that he is not alarmist and quite as crow-like as sayitloud...

    I like you have been in the army long enough to see this problem for what it is; nothing but Blandford bashing rubbish!
  12. Kill this thread please.

    If the CO want he gets.

    or do you ALL have the balls to do something about it.

    Last week it was bleeting about marching about and wearing elastic twists in your trousers.

    Now ... elastic twists are not issued are they?

    So how can you wear them?

    Do you mean that your CO is ordering you to go out and buy them.

    Look up in QR's that is an illigal order.

    Just as a collective group of sheep don't wear them, he and the R.S.M can't do a fig.

    Well apart from the extra duties and stagging on and...
  13. All that's going on is the CO wants all JNCOs at Blandford on a course to use their rank and not just have the "I'm only here on a course, it's nothing to do with me attitude". As for Phase 3s marching around and wearing elastics, what a load of bollocks, me and everyone on my course are still mincing around as usual with no elastics.

    As for the lights out policy, it's just common sense and judging from the new orders it only applies to the sprogs and not any Phase 3s, saves the little darlings turning up to school in the morning tired.

    The only thing that is arrse at Blandford at the minute, well more then usual is the fact that Phase 3s are banned from the WRVS on an evening, so if you haven't got anything in your room to do the only places you can go are the Bowling Alley or Humphs, no wonder I'm slowly turning into a piss head being there.
  14. AND to follow on from that - don't forget they are closing Humphs so that only leave the bowling alley .... HELP I'm going MAD.
  15. infringement on civil rights! if this unthoughtful, stupid order is carried out the people who came up with it should jump off the huge fallice in the middle of camp.

    vi'va le revoloution :twisted: