Lights in the sky

About five minutes ago I observed a group of six lights in the sky heading towards Northolt, followed about thirty seconds later by a single one.

They were all street light amber and constant, I would have thought that even allowing for atomospherics aircraft lights flash, these were constant and moving at about the speed of a helicopter/traffic radio plane.

I don't have a tinfoil hat but can sombody give me an idea as to what they might have been?
NO NO NO I was standing outside my front door! You are all men in black and I claim my five dollars!(Which I will now spend on tinfoil!)
I agree with them being lanterns - I wondered what the hell they were first time I saw them too!

Geek mode

No visible satellite passes for the UK at all this late in the evening, so that rules out spacey explanations.

/Geek mode
Its the people from Pandora come to get their own back on our invasion of their planet. If you start seeing 7' aliens with funny ears and tails just contact James Cameron of "Avatar" fame....oh and if one of them is Sam Worthington let me know! :)

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