Lights for BFG Cars

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Joker, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone clarify for me the following.

    I bought a BMW Z4 on a balloon deal and am in the process of getting it BFG'd. All is done apart from the lights. I have heard rumours that on the BMW you can got to a BMW garage and through some magic they can convert the lights without having to put new light units in? Is this true or do I have to shell out for a new set?
  2. Go to your local BMW dealer and ask. failing this look in the sixth sense as there are companies that sell headlights for this very purpose.
  3. I believe it is true and very simple but not sure if it applies to all models.
  4. Went to the BMW dealer, they didn't know the answer. Bit difficult to get sixth sense at the moment, as I am in the UK - however thanks for the advice.

    As I am starting to understand, it is only the xenon headlights that do this not the halogen - oh for saving 3 pound a month!
  5. On my old 5 series all i had to do was spin the lights around in their housing and bingo done. it was a 1990 model though!
  6. My car in BFG had halogen lights and the dealer just switched them.

    Can be done for certain lights.
  7. Are they not putting a stop to this now in BFG Land, you cannot just switch your headlights over as it is something to do with a flat beam and other such technical stuff.

    I am sure it has been mentioned in Sixth Sense recently (which doesn't help you), but headlights will be cheaper in BFG than UK (in my experience anyway).
  8. You can get them tax free in Germany but I expect BMW lights are not cheap. See if you can find someone about to bring a BMW of the same model back to blighty and buy his Euro lights off him second hand.

    For next time, negociate the lights as part of the purchase deal.
  9. As of 1st April you will no longer be able to pass a lighing check on a BFG Test with flat beam converted headlights. Most zenon lights are able to be converted with a switch under the rubber cover on the rear of the light. Some BMW's can be converted correctly. You have a month from when your car is BFG registered to get a lights check.
  10. Great thanks for the advice, I have now found out there is a switch on the back of the lights. So for anyone that has a Z4 with halogen lights this can be done, but I note the comments on flat beam conversion which I am assuming this does. :roll: