Lights blue touchpaper and runs....

This bit made me chuckle, "whilst also supporting the Army, Royal Marines and special forces." :D
And have already deployed the 'ally' beret look, with the badge over the ear rather than the forehead.
On completing the arduous course Fg Off Wendy Doris said 'It's been an arduous course, but we are now trained to a level where we can operate most types of equipment, from Morphy Richards, Hotpoint, Tefal, Breville to even the more complex microwaves.'
Too soon?
Wassamatter? SRDG not getting mocked enough or something...?
Fg Off Graves said she had developed her "leadership, fieldcraft and military skills" following her time on the Air Cadet Junior Leaders Course.”

The ATC seems to have stepped up to the plate teaching kids to be steely eyed dealers of death!

Whatever happened to the odd junket in the back of something with wings on it at RAF Benson or somewhere similar?
Joking aside, always found the RAF Regiment to be good company, hard working and good at what they do. A good officer is a good officer, be they male/female RAF/Army/RN or whatever. If they can do the job then crack on.


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Just wait for them to be fast tracked to the jumps course..
Is that the lot that have to do 'The 5 Miler of Death'?

If so, well, respect.

Though I'll have to respect them a bit more when I see the first Walt being pursued for pretending to be one!
Joking aside, always found the RAF Regiment to be good company, hard working and good at what they do.
I have a differrnt experience of them


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Fit Birds in Uniform thread?

& may I be the first to say "I would"?


Well done to them. I hope they stick in and enjoy themselves.

Oh, wait. It's the RAF Regiment...
Probably 9 to 5 Mon to Fri so about the same level as Microsoft Helpline or Hotel Inspector, Weekends Only. :cool:


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“Reviewing Officer RAF Force Protection Force Commander, Commandant General Royal Air Force Regiment, Air Officer RAF Police, Air Commodore Scott Miller said:“

Crikey, that’s some job title!
Its not 'ally' it looks fecking rediculous.
Yep, like all the LEF walts (and despite the fact their berets are formed from the opposite side).


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I feel comforted that NAAFI's all over the world will continue to be protected by the infamous RAF Regt with its added LGBTQ+female Squadron.

Slow news day I guess.

I'm looking forward to the first lady soldier who passes selection and then gets her anonymity blown by the MOD press machine.

It's not like the Army has any female Officers who do similar types of things...

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