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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Aldo_Is_King, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. Just got back from AFCO, got 71 on the BARB test which am told was in top 5% for the area, then again it is Birkenhead so maybe that explains it. I got the list of possible jobs and the ones that intrest me are the light gun/Op
    Just wonderd if anyone can give me more info on the two jobs or tell me anything that the AFCO wont.

    any info would be appriciated

  2. in a nutshell

    Lt Gun (or any gun in fact) = Hard work, always busy, lots of laughs, good promotion chances, no place to be a wallflower, beware large bits of metal being chucked at you

    OP Ack = Use your brain more, but more freedom, lots of hurry up and wait, saunter around like your the biz, close confines, promotion a bit harder, beware anyone offering you a tin of cake thats a bit browner than normal and whiffs a bit

    My advice would always go OP, but then I'm biased
  3. In my day... clkears throat and lays down the newspaper....

    The batteries I served with took the view that everyone started on the guns.

    - Its difficult to be much use on the OPs unless you know what goes on on the gun posiiton.
    - Completely new people are often too useless to do much except on the guns. (I recall a completely useless so called Signaller who couldn't even make a brew or cam a vehicle up)
    - The BSM & TSMs like to have new recruits workong for a few mkontsh where they can see them.

    But maybe its all different now....
  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I recall a completely useless so called FOO who couldn't even make a brew or cam a vehicle up :lol: No Pteranadon is right, go on the guns for the experience and then try to branch out, if you have the aptitude it will be spotted, BTW the OPs are great fun but can be really hard work.
  5. Do we know each other ?!? :D

    No I agree go guns first (taking it of course that you actually get a choice in the matter), I was unfortunate enough to pick up an OP slot on my first big German Ex, nightmare, I was ragged rotten as I hadn't a clue about life let alone working in a small group like that
  6. Cheers for the advice lads - awaiting my medical forms to come back from RSC or wherever they get sent - think am gonna but Light Gun down followed by OP Ass.
  7. I guess were all from the same era, :) everyone started on the guns because as stated we were pretty much useless for anything else fresh out of Woolwich, and if you were lucky like me you would be "guided" onto an Op party, first as the tea boy and if you fitted in eventually work your way up, i enjoyed it all from start to finish so it cant be a bad way of doing it..
  8. Ahh teaboy on an OP party, joy

    My first exposure was to have a flask I made up chucked at me after I have made it up and simply poured the whitener in and shook the flask up, the compo whitener had congelled
  9. LOL, i made the mistake of sticking a load of corn we had taken from a German farmers field into the BV and then making a brew with the same water, i ended up wearing most of it.... :D
  10. Got med forms back, all clear - interview friday at 9 so hopefully be ok to put light gun down as first choice and get it. there tryin to make me a radio systems op but gonna stick to me 'guns' and hold out for the LG follwed by OP Ass. Cheers for advice anyways lads
  11. Mate, don't worry about the small things, just get yerself in and sort it out when you are there

    best of luck
  12. Gonna be a stick in the mud now and explain that under C2K you'll find it a tad difficult once in the 'Strike' stream to get across to the 'Targeting' lot. Why oh why did we invent these new gucci names????
    Anyway, if you eventually want to go on the OPs why not try being a Signaller first? That's a pre-requisite to go to the OPs. A bunny is hard graft and like wellyhead says promotion is faster. Long term if you want to go all the way it will be more difficult if you are OP than not, simply because there are less slots on the Party than on the Gun.
    Light gun is a graft gun and maitenance is a hell of a lot faster after exercise (ask the Nasty lot)!
  13. ooo touchy! Did I mention driver signallers with a talent for breaking down on day one and spending the rest of the exercise gorging themselves on rations?

    True, Bordeaux or gluewein was more my style, but I do remember camming up an OP vehicle to look like a tea party once.
  14. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Pteranadon that tea party was a damn fine afternoon, funny thing though I dont remember any tea being drunk :lol: