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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Oneshot, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. After my comments in the "fastest way to lose....." thread, i thought I'd give this its own thread.

    If your a lean mean fighting machine, or a cross country racing snake, then this isn't for you!

    When I left the Army, for various reasons (medical and the pub) I banged on loads of weight. Not, witht he greatest of respect, I don't need the "go running then fat boy" comments, been there, done that, heard it all.

    But generally htose comments are right, but they only solve one part of the problem.

    If you ahve 3 stone or more to lose, this programme realy is great, generally from 4 pounds (ladies) to 1/2 a stone (men) a week. And because it is combined with councelling, it really focuses at changing your lifestyle and addresses why you have turnd into the lardarrse that you are!

    I've been on it for about 10 weeks and lost just under 5 1/2 stone!

    I'm not selling it or a councellor myself or affilliated in any way (except as a customer), but am just trying to pass on some advice that this really does work and is not just a weightloss plan, but addresses the wider issues!

    Its not all easy going and from a mental stamina point of view, its not the easiest point of view, but from a physical side, it is easy and great results.

    If you want to know more, drop me a PM and I will point you to my blog about it, or search for lighterlife on the web for the official website, but take their site with a slight pinch of salt as, even though it is easy, its not quite as easy as they make out!

  2. My wife went on the ligher life, yes its a fast way to get the weight off but it is expensive and when you decide to stop it came right back. we both found that slimming world was much better and we kept off all the weight lost off. A lesson learned i think.
  3. I find (for me) it is cheaper. It is £66 per week, and when you take into account all you food, snacks, takeaway, beer etc, i find i end up saving money!

    Did you wife also complete the 12 week management after she reached her goal, as this covers bringing back onto food etc. Though you do bring up an important point that though the weightloss is great, the main poont is changing your habits so you look after yourself and don't put the weight back on. This is where the mental part of it is harder than the physical!

    The other good point is that at the end of the day its not a competition, the aim is to get healthy and lose the weight in a way that is best for you.

  4. Question:

    So let me gte this right.... You are paying 66 Quid a week for someone to guide on you on how to lead a healthier lifestyle?
  5. i guess the short answer is yes

    But its more about redressing my past mistakes, getting myself sorted out by losing the weight and addressing the cause for being over weight and not just carrying on as before
  6. It's the easiest thing in the world to say, "Get some weight off", in reality the older you are the harder it is. In my case as I am on a war pension because I got my knees kn*ck***d in the army I am unable to walk any weight off which makes losing a very difficult thing. As many of you know smoking is hard tp pack in and so is overeating. Don't automatically thyink because someone is overweight that they're a Fat Idle Mong, it may come to you one day.
  7. Thats true.

    WHilst I don't ask for sympathy, I know I have myself to blame, All this thread was aimed to do was pass on something that workes for me to others who might be in a similar position.

    If it was as easy as all you skinny people make out, then I wouldn't have a problem would I!

    And not everybody loves running either, in fact i detest it and it was one of the things i hated doing most when i was in, even when i was fit and not overweight!
  8. I outlined my calorific intake on the EX_STAB rehab thread and it is not excessive according to the sites I've looked at. It's the sedentary job that does the damage. Problem is that I earn more sitting on my arrse looking at a computer than I could in a manual job - tricky...
  9. EX_Stab: you are exactly right, the desk job is my nemisis as well!