Lightening the burden to taxpayers

Under the current Junta/regime/Pricktatorship the average hard working bloke is being taxed into poverty by this bunch of retarded fcukwits we call a government. I think its about time that this policy of taxing us easy targets stops tright now.I propose that we make full use of our resources that this country has to offer. Never mind cheap minimum wage labour, how about FREE labour. The one thing this country seems to have in abundance is MONGS, just visit your local ASDA at 12pm every Tuesday and you'll be literally tripping over them.

Why not put them to good use and free up the tax burden on the common man. Let them earn their benfits, even the Chavvyscum cash in hand soap dodging members of society can't compete with FREE Labour.

Derry city Council seem to have the right idea..

C'mon chaps get the thinking caps on...we need to petition our local MP's and draw up some schemes to allow us hard working men to get more time down the pub

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