Light/summer sleeping bag

I know the sleeping bag question has been asked before but this isnt really for field use. Im planning on doing some hillwalking holidays soon with friends so looking for a light weight sleeping bag for summer. Its primarily going to be getting used in hostels and tents for this holiday then as a crash bag for when friends stay over at my place. That in mind with hot weather and trying to keep pack size and weight down im wondering what you all recommend thats cheap.

I was thinking of the Snugpak Sleeper lite, but my current softie elite 3 packs smaller and weighs the same. However ive spotted the issue Telic sleeping bag, does anybody know how practical would be and how small it packs?
Have you not got the issue lightweight bag? I find they're pretty good, pack down nice and small too.


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Just get the cheapest cheerful piece of sh1t from Argos, that way if it gets soiled you can replace it easily.

I soil sleeping bags a lot.
smff73 - I spotted that but the issue one i found is cheaper so im leaning more towards it.

Mugatu2 - Unfortunately not, being TA ive only been issued the bouncing bomb. But by the issue lightweight do you mean this one? If so then excellent i was worry about the pack size as the picture makes it look like it has a semi-rigid base to it. Do you have any idea of its temperature ratings? It would be handy to use it on a few upcoming exercises.
No Jihadist, that's not the one. The one I'm meaning comes in an OG compression sack like the bouncing bomb, but it's 1/3 the size and weight. I'll get you a photo and NSN this evening if it helps at all. They were fantastic for sleeping in Basra, or for indoors in the UK, but I don't know how good they'd be for colder outdoor UK use, it's not really what they were designed for. They're good for warmer nights, no less that say, ten degrees, but below that I'd not risk freezing my nadgers off.
Packs down small (mong hand included for scale)

Nice and roomy, square toed area:

And the NSN details to pester your friendly QM with... (maybe a crate would grease the wheels?)


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