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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by msr, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Please can someone explain this to me, or is it a case if you need to know...

  2. Strictly speaking, there is no longer a dark and light side. Or so the directorate would like us to believe!!!!!

    Once you have taken the path of the darkside, there is no return. I don´t care what they say at the end of the return of the Jedi.

    Lightside is the old Op Int & Sy.

    Darkside are the other lot.

    I suppose, in time, the term will die out with the youngsters growing up in the..ahem... single trade era.

    Does that answer your question MSR. If you want to know more, ask your nearest friendly neighbourhood green slime if he/she (for you Iknowyourname) is a darksider. If they punch you, they are not. If they look at you with a glazed expression and sound like R2-D2, they are.
  3. 64 shades of gray-sider myself.....
  4. there is another way to spot a darksider... memorise a suitably dull military phrase in russian, and learn how it goes in morse code.

    sit there idly beeping it to yourself, lots of dots and dashes... if the other persons eye's glaze over and they get an erection, they are a darksider.

    if they ignore you and look out of a window, they are normal. :)
  5. DarksideNormally have a fascinating interest in model-making / wargaming / watercolors / Amateur Dramatics / Unit Level competitive sport / book club; and , towards the 22 year point: IT security.

    They will talk eloquently about their topic of interest during their free time, but neve their work.

    Lightside Not tied to Jimmy's shift working ethos, Lightside work longer hours, and don't follow Jimmy's rules. They tend not to drop litter and dog ends, in consequence, spend less time picking it up round camp. Thye talk about what they like in their free time, because they have less time out of work, they have a fascinating interets in " 4 becks, a bottle of shiraz and 20 bensons please".

    Lightside work involves travel and talking to other people, which tends to help promote interpersonal skills.
  6. bit below the belt putting amateur dramatics on the darkside subsonic - we have had our share of bummers on the lightside too! :)
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  8. ha ha ha ha.......
  9. back to the Am Dram again..or is it Glam Dram for some?

    In all seriousness...its horses for courses (excellent one liner for another thread)

    Have met ******* and good guys on both sides!
  10. are you an am-drammer then, gladitsallover? bit of a thesp? or is it just the darkside comments you wont rise to? ;)
  11. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww go on!!
  12. I did get roped into playing the Pantomime Dame once on a remote scottish island. Whoever has the photographs and my suspender belt, would you please return them?
  13. Well, I was a sort of greyish darksider and, for my sins, did back-of-house and directing for the Harp Players on the basis that a club full of nice-looking women was easier on the liver than the Greenfly, where I often ended up with food poisoning - you know the symptoms, upset stomach, dodgy balance, headache the next morning, inability to face life without a full Ulster Fry. So I guess I plead guilty.

    To switch on mildly serious for a second, though:

    Bear in mind that I left six years ago, that my experience was overwhelmingly BFG/NI and that a lot of things have changed. During my time, a fair number of us darksiders did lightside stuff and found it interesting and some even remained there, although that tended to be vetting-associated as our controlling authority would make a point of dragging us back, especially if we were expensive linguists. I don't recall any lightsider ever moving in the opposite direction.

    In 22 years, I spent a total of 2 and a bit years in windowless offices and the vast majority of my time was spent either on courses or living in a hole in the ground or doing this and that elsewhere. Unfortunately, this also meant spending quite a lot of time with the Royal Corps - but then I transferred from there after my first 11 years, so that wasn't too traumatic - but at least it gave some sort of experience of Regimental life, which is something lightsiders really miss out on, to my mind. Life as a member of a really good Mess (14 Sigs, late 80s, for example) is fantastic and makes up for a lot.

    Paradoxically, the dark side, if the postings are right, can give a far more "military" career than the light side typically does - and yes, I do know about all the incredibly warry light side stuff with THEM and elsewhere, but that's a minority sport.

    The Op MI thing was always going to be a challenge for the Corps and those of us who were old and bold in the 90s were confident in our predictions - subbsonic, who's almost as old as I am, will no doubt have a view - that it was likely to be an insurmountable challenge for some of the old and comfortable establishments, dark and light side both, which had previously enjoyed a huge degree of autonomy and control of their own little piece of the action.

    The Corps's too small for real animosity. Long may the banter continue, though, although we darksiders have to remember to use SHORT WORDS and speak LOUDLY and CLEARLY in ENGLISH so the lightsiders can understand. :wink:
  14. Say again?