Light Sabre Battle Goes Wrong....

Bright kids..............Contenders for the Darwin Awards??
#3 them the common sense strong is not.... :twisted:

You couldn't make this up if you tried; it would be as believable as three teenage sisters under 16 having gym-slip pregnancies and their mother blaming the education system!!
It would appear that the force is not strong with these two that said its the type of thing i would do after a few pints
I'm sort of surprised that there was a girl involved in this. Available data indicates that the male of the species (e.g., the fat kid in Canada) is much more likely to film itself playing Jedi.

Unless this was sexual roleplay gone badly awry. Then we MUST see that video. 8O
Whats the betting they end up suing the petrol company and lightbulb manufacturer, because there wasn't a clearly worded label telling them not to. Natural selection wins every time

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