Light Role Recce Section Commander

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stag-monster, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. I have got the above course coming up early next year.

    All I understand about it is that it takes place at Brecon and is a possible qualifier to Sgt. Does anyone have any more info on it? There doesn't seem to be anyone from my unit that has done it in recent memory for me to ask.

    Is it an all arms course or just Infantry?

    What can I expect the course content to be like i.e lots of living in holes watching stuff or more crawling around doing CTR's?

    Feel free to PM me if you want.

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  2. Are you Recce platoon already? If not why not try and chase up one of the full-screws/sergeants from recce platoon, surely he will have done the course? As you mentioned promotion to Sgt., Are you sure that you're not going to do Senior Brecon?
  3. I am part of a newly formed patrols platoon so there's a big push on to get people through the right courses and I am the first one to be spammed for it.

    Although according to Brecon it qaulifies you for Sgt (IF you have done Junior Brecon) I still have every intention of doing Senior's as well afterwards. If nothing else it secures the third stripe :wink:
  4. How many courses have you done "that qualifies you for ***"? Don't believe the hype. It is what it says light role recce section commander

    Sorry to disappoint you mate you're still gonna have to do Seniors.
  5. No drama with me mate. I was always going to do Seniors anyway. I think that it should be compulsory for anyone on the Infantry career path to do seniors in order to get your third.

    I feel, in my btn at least, that there are way too many Inf capbadge Seniors that have never ventured near Brecon (either Junior or Seniors).

    I am viewing the course as a "trade" course as such not a promotion qualifying course. Going back to the original question does anyone know the rough content of the course is it a lot of aggressive recce patrolling or just sitting in OP's doing hard routine.
  6. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    LRRCC does in deed qualify to Sgt, and is attended by Cpls - Capts. My Recce Pl recently sent 1 x Capt, 1 x CSgt, and 2 x Cpls on the same course, and promoted one of the Cpls in role once qualified. He can do Seniors if he wishes, or continue down the Sp Wpns/Recce/Sniper stream if, for whatever reason, Seniors is not an option. Interestingly, Sniper Pl Comd can be a WO2, so there are employment options open, maybe even AIO, or CSM D FSp or ISTAR after that. Recce 2ICs tend to be CSgts, so no problems there either.

  7. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Unless the course has changed significantly, and I hope that it has, LRRCC will cover nothing that is new to you if you have been in a Recce Pl for any length of time. Its all conventional, and covers OPs, Adv to Con (and setting the conditions for a BG Attk), Delay, W'Draw, and Recces, with a river x-ing thrown in.

    I was deeply dissappointed by the course, which, in my view had far too many DS trying to fail students rather than actually teaching them anything. Far too much time was spent digging and tabbing rather than concentrating on what it is to actually command a Recce Section/Pl. The tie in with other ISTAR assets was almost non-existant and, I think, they are really missing a trick. Tie in with other BG assets was also poor, especially when the chances of a recce Pl deploying independantly are almost nil - certainly in the last 3 ops that I've been involved in, the Pl has deployed with significant sp that was not practised on the course.

    In essence, the whole course only really consisted of a well resourced Bn level Recce Cadre. An over emphasis on tabbing and the creation of some sort of psudo-SF tribe wasted a lot of candidates time.

    I wonder whether we would be better off sending entire Pls for training, a recce concentration of a couple of Pls from different units at a time, and tying in more assets for a better pay off. I know this was considered a couple of years ago - probably too expensive.