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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 28, 2003.

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  1. Brummie is beautiful

    The Birmingham accent is far from its traditional image of "ugly" and "inferior" and is, in fact, regarded as "lilting and melodious" by overseas visitors, academics have discovered.
    Researchers at the University of Birmingham found that the second city's much-maligned accent is highly favoured by foreign visitors unaware of the negative connotations the accent holds in Britain.

    PhD student Steve Thorne carried out a study examining the way in which "Birmingham English" is perceived by people at home and abroad.

    Although the accent regularly comes out bottom in British surveys of favourite regional accents overseas visitors hold it in much higher regard.

    Oh ah :D
  2. I never thought I would see the day! 8O

    Me brother went to university in Brum, after a year he came home with a Brummie lass in tow (which was bad enough), but had developed this feckin annoying Brummie twang.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    So that's likely to be unbiased then.....

    I wonder what the results would have been if Brum was researched by Manchester Uni...


  4. A string of lies and defamations, with more holes in the thesis, than a 45 minute dossier. It is encouraging that our brave Birmingham researchers, can speak out and fight against the injustice of Blairs imperialist anti-Brum Dogma. For too long, the mighty people of Birmingham, and the Black contray have been oppressed, by the running dogs of Central imperialist government.

    The Millenium Dome - Green field site, with rail, road and air links bang on top of it, or, a nasty little toxic dump, with pisspoor traffic access.

    The National Football stadium. Green Field site and ditto all the above, or some sh1thole in Norf Landan?

    City of Culture - Varied and interesting locale, with a vast diversity of Art and culture, endorsed by presidents and world leaders or the home town of Bluppets wife?

    This is only the opening shot in Brums cultural revolution . Viva Birmingham,Viva Spaghetti junction, Viva Presidente Albert Bore, soon all you imperialst Piss taking Landan cockernees will tremble at our cultural onslaught!

    Yes I know I'm a cockney, but I've been assimilated :D
  5. I didnt realise Brummie was an accent I thought they all had a congenital speech impediment! :roll:
  6. Bias report or not, if this sort of bo11ocks isn’t kicked into touch right from the start it could add another branch to the PC tree! [​IMG]

    I mean, ‘Dialectisum’!??? What’s all that about? [​IMG]

    Will it mean that a factory in Newcastle will have to have a proportion of people with welsh, London, or Scottish accents? Or just mean that thick/crap/lazy people with an accent will be able to take the firms that don’t want to employ them to a tribunal and have a grounds to claim?

    The country’s been on that slippery slope for a while…. And it’s getting steeper
  7. Biased or not, the report can't change the fact that I think the Brummie accent sounds retarded. LOL.
  8. Birmingham? That's in the Midlands, right? :?
  9. Actually on the left...... I think :lol:
  10. Um - isnt there a huge car park there, just in front of the RAC centre?
  11. Yup, nice one. Fees are cheap but try retrieving yer car! :D
  12. Sorry to piss on your fire there PTP, but I live closer to it than you do and it's a fcuking sh1thole :D :D

    Totally agree with the comments about the football stadium, millenium dome etc, etc, but the proposed sites were actually fooking miles away from Brum itself, just about far enough to stop the inhabitants of Handsworth and Ladywood from carjacking you as you sat parked on the M42.

    Being Black Country myself, I think the placed should be melted :)