Light Proof Basha


Does anyone know where i can get one?...I used to have one years ago but I sold it "DOH" beer tokens "YEAH" it was great though,slightly smaller than the issue one, which i liked, although it did weigh slightly more, obviously due to the extra layer on the inside. Cant remember who made it either, Ive looked all over the shop but no joy...


The only light proof thing I have used as a basha was a space blanket. The used to be a heavy duty one that was green on one side, silver on the other. That was both light proof and reflects the light so that you get more usable light for a given lamp. Of course the light still shines out of the ends of the basha.


nah mate, J_P, thats not the kinda thing i was talking about it was the same design as the issue one (square,DPM,bungee loops) but slightly smaller with a thick(well ish) black rubber layer on the underside, it would used to to fit perfectly into the top pouch on your bergan along with bungees and pegs and blocked any light great,not even sure if this was its intended purpose but it definately worked
down_wind said:
nah mate, ....

Did you get down as far as the Cadet Direct site, I think that may be the one you want.

By the way, congratulations, this thread is now the first returned item on that Google search.

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