Light plane crashes into buildings in Salford...

OMG! This'll be a world changing episode. It'll be, like, people all over the free world will for ever remember this day 29/7.
Salford? Can only be a good thing then.
Houses in Salford now? Blimey! Really coming along.
Sorry I lived therefor a bit I'm allowed to make jokes.
Was this Richard Hammond or Clarkson arriving for the first day's filiming of Top Gear at the new Salford studio? Or maybe filming a scene perhaps.
Stop trying to raise expectations.

The very thought of it makes me all sexually aroused somehow?


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For those who have no fackin' clue what half of these cheap and tasteless jibes relate to cf

Sadly, the building into which Afghan Kandak's hired Grob crashed was NOT this one.....

" Coo - where's THAT ? looks lovely....must be the newest 'MOD-HQ-full-of-spendthrift-Civserpents-lollygagging-in-luxury" ? ......oh, not ? Ah, the BBC you say?....fine, i'll get me coat "
The thought of Tog Gear presenters in flying gear smashing into someone's back doors makes you aroused? Have a word.
Stop it you dirty minx.
Alky Ada dress rehersal for a biggie perchance?.........Nah dont think so, nothing of any value in Salfordistan.
Libya strikes back?
Nothing lost then just a couple more will be playing with umpteen number of virgins, now if we could put a 747 down on Bradford, that would help...

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