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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by FECKOFF, Dec 4, 2003.

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  1. I've been thinking about Joining the LI. Does anyone have any info on..

    Physical standards
    Difference between the LI and Other Infantry regiments
    Any reasons why they have a bad reputation along with RGJ's and PARA's?

    And i dont understand how the system works etc. There are County regiments of the LI but whats the difference between say " 1LI " and say the KOYLI, DLI

    Or are the county regiments combined to make up 1LI, 2LI etc etc etc?
  2. Why would you want to join the LI if it's not one your local regiment? Think you look good in green? There are only 1LI and 2LI now, the Durham LI, Kings Shropshire LI and others disapeared years ago and there's no difference between the LI and any other 'Line' Infantry, but no doubt there'll be some out there, both LI and not, who will disagree.

    If you really want to join the infantry you might as well join your local regiment/Bn. Even if it's just easier to get a lift home for leave/at the weekend.
  3. Served with 2LI once, in the L.A.D., they were a good bunch of blokes and really knew their business. Then they moved to N.I., and we were treated to the delights of 1RWF. The shops in the local stadt sold out of flick-knives and gas pistols inside a week, the fuzzies then tried to eliminate anyone that wasn't a taff. My, how we laughed. :twisted:
  4. Nowt wrong with LI. They're a good bunch. More down to earth than Jackets, and don't have the yob mentality that the Para's can get entangled in when they get carried away...but again lots of v good para mates, great esprit de corps....etc.
    KOYLI is a TA yeomanry (lt recce) regt. LI is comprised of all the former County Lt Infantry Regiments that existed (Durham, Somerset, Shropshire etc) from days past.
    Regarding roles and standards - just like all infantry battalions - they all do the same training at depot and then arms schools in Brecon and Warminster - the Officers all get trained the same way. A battalion's relatively quality is predicated by the leadership it receives, and if it's had a good run of good COs, they'll be in top nick. Regimental reputations are normally made from a few key incidents which everybody gleefully cites as proof of worth/crapness etc...most troops respond pretty similarly to key stimuli - ie leadership, management and the jobs they're given to do. None joins the Infantry for a soft life - everyone gets ragged stupid (I was told when I'd left RMAS I'd be the fittest guy in my platoon, and nothing would be as tough as the training I'd I laughed on the 6 mile log race we had as one of the ten events for the christmas inter-company competiton - happy days), gets sore feet, back and knees, is expected to shoot straight and if it comes to the crunch, sink a bayonet into some foreign cur. If bored folk about it in the past, but your capbadge won't predicate whether you're any good as an officer - its all down to you. And your blokes will follow your lead.
  5. I've done several attachments to both the RGJ and LI (as I'm sponsored by the Light Division), so I've got this to say:
    The LI haven't got a bad reputation. For that matter, neither do the Greenjackets (It's just that a few of their Officers think that they're in the Guards).
    What you need to realise is that the style of leadership in the Light Div is very different to that of any other Regiment. (Some people will be jumping up and down at this point, shouting that it's not!) It's much more of a free system, and you let the Soldiers think a little bit more for themselves. The downside is that if you need them to do something, then you need to get them to do it without them thinking, "He was being nice to me a minute ago. Now he's being a bastard! What's going on?"
    And as soon as this system breaks down, everyone else goes, "See! You can't do it that way!"
    In terms of physical standards, there isn't much difference between LI and any other Regiment. They do march at a faster pace though (140 paces to the minute), and try to infuse the same idea throughout everything they do (i.e. We march quickly and do it well, now let's do everything quickly and do it well). It's exactly this attitude which attracts a lot of interest, but also makes people think, "Hmm...this isn't for me."
    Just out of interest, have you looked anywhere else? What is your local Regiment?
  6. Well, theres loads of "Local regiments". The Coldstream Guards say they are as well as the Green Howards. I'm in one of the Green Howards TA Units as a recruit, but i'm looking at possible regiments that i find interesting for when i go in as a Reg.

    Of course as the young 'un i am, i've looked at Royal Marines but i dont want to live on a boat, the Para's (i'm not fit enough at the moment) and the RAF Regiments field squadrons But who knows? Its just a bit of research

    Cheers, Rob
  7. I'm ex LI having served with 1 LI in Berlin, Bulford and Belize, and I found them to except me, even though I wasn't from their normal recruitment areas.

    I grew up in Devon, but wanted to join something a little bit "different", so rather then joining the D&D's I went for the LI, I was posted to 1 LI and had the best 3 years of my life with them.

    I then spent time with other Inf Bn's and didn't enjoy it the same way.

    Joine the LI, yes they march at a different pace, but they will make you feel that you are part of the family, and even when you leave they will always look after you.

  8. Green Howards AKA Greenjackets of the North. Are they hell! And if one of them caught me saying that, I'd be crucified!
    If concrete bashing and looking pretty is your thing, then go for the Coldstreams. Unfortunately, they are still pretty old-fashioned in that you can't be a Guards Officer unless your Daddy was (they deny this, of course!). I've got a relative being sponsored by them at the moment, so I don't know how he slipped through! :D If you join the Guards, be prepared to chip in with your own money, as the uniform allowance doesn't cover the whole lot! However, when they do actually go and get dirty, they can be very useful. I did see the Guards listed as "Special Forces" in some Dorling-Kindersley book of Special Forces or something, but I'm dubious as the how true this is!
    By the way, does anyone know if the Guards still give their Officers dual ranks? You know, one for their field rank and one to show they were superior, or did they abolish this with the purchasing of commissions? :)
  9. Sponsored by the Light Div suggests that you aren't in yet, so be careful on offering out advice. And as for your different style of leadership, each Infantry Regiment has a different style, but we all teach the same thing, Mission Command, which I believe is what you were alluding to.
  10. I take it you are trying to get a rise from some of our readers? Else you really ought to have done a bit more research prior to signing on the dotted line. Some of your prejudices and misconceptions should possibly be kept to yourself, especially when younger members are seeking advice.[/quote]
  11. :oops:
    Sorry! Didn't mean to offend anyone here, but willing to take all that's coming to me if I have.
    Suppose I should watch what I say in future, hey?
    Honest though! I was trying to help!
  12. Cheers for the replies fella's, i've got a few years yet (a few years to get very fit and service in B coy GH's) but alot can change in 2/3 years, and for now i'll just get my head down and then decide when i get there.

    Oh as for the Greenjackets of the north thing, yeah you'd be crucified!