Light Infantry uniform

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by miniTJ, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. Evening All,

    what do LI wear? do they have a TRF? do they still wear woolly pullies? lanyards? LI on their shoulders?



  2. 'Arfur' cap badge!
  3. Bi?
  4. wouldn;t you like to know?!

    no, am not, was just wondering, never seen them wearing it (apart form my old OTC RSM) - plus of course Silvermans seem to stock zero LI gear which i noticed browsing their catalogue the other day

  5. silvermans is full of RGJ scummers and next door to one of their TA barracks..................... :wink:

    Get hold of a copy of Silver Bugle the LI Regt magazine and get the address for RHQ in Winchester. You can buy the kit from them and even get hold of a copy of dress regs...............if you are very sad

    1LI/2LI have their own quirky ways of wearing it though...............
  6. If you are referring to the Mile End TA Centre then you are well out of date - it has been medics since the millenium. I always noticed alot of guards div in there topping up on diffy kit. As for badges they do tend to hold those of local units (RGJ, Household Div, bog standard khaki, Para, Yeomanry, Fusiliers and various corps)

    As for LI badges. The badges are green on a maize background. The stable belt is the same as RGJ (Rifle Green) but ribbed instead of plain.
  8. I thought the scummers were the Kings reg?