Light Infantry to become Airborne Engineers ?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Skortz, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. I have heard that the TA LI Coy in Wakefield are soon to change roles and become Airborne Engineers? Is anybody in a position to confirm this rumour? I would imagine that most of the soldiers in Wakefield joined to be an infantryman and not an engineer? If the Coy are to re-role to become para trained then why dont they go and join 4 PARA who have a TA Centre just North of Wakefield? I know that they would all be welcome and once they have passed P-Company they would be able to slot into the Coy in the same rank as when they left the LI without having to retrain and requalify all of the NCOs.
  2. How can you be so sure that they'll pass P Company? It's hardly a walkover! Out of a full Company, i'd expect more than two thirds would fail or not even make it to the selection board going off current figures.
  3. Looks like everything will be announced on Monday.

    I doubt that matters anymore, they must be well and truely used to it, they've been shafted by every cut since the 1990. First A Coy 8(Y)LI disbanded and merged into HQ Coy, the 8(Y)LI changed to yeomanry, (SDR) HQ Sqn converted to LI rifle Coy.

    They were always up for this one, the Yorkshire Regiment doesn't want another regular regiment recruiting on its patch.

    I thought the role was air support (i.e. runway repairs?)

    Yep I agree, people tend to want not change role, its been happening for a while and maybe some should be questioning why so many soldiers from highly populated area of West Yorkshire are clocking so many miles to train with the TA in either North, East or South Yorkshire (I know of several at my civilian job).
  4. Engineers, aye. Airborne, nay. The phrase I last heard was Airmobile, a totally different kettle of fish.
  5. I believe that 4 PARA will run a special cadre for the LI Coy to prepare them for P-Coy. If they are all trained soldiers in the Light Infantry, I imagine most of them are fit, dedicated and motivated to pass P-Coy. Those that need a little more time, will be given the advice, training and encouragement to attend. At least 80% of them should pass p-Coy.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Skortz, I appreciate the thought, but am not confident about the figures!

    4 Para currently train lots of trained soldiers from other units to attempt P Coy, and nowhere near 80% pass. If this does come to pass though, good luck to the LI.

  7. Had heard a rumour that there would be a new airborne engineer unit formed in Yorkshire. With the new pairing of TA with regular units seems logical that 23 Engineer Regiment in 16 AA would have at least a Squadron to provide backup. As 23 is only partly parachute roled (mainly 9 and 51 Sqn) could be that the new unit will be designated as an 'Air Assault' Squadron with guys able to volunteer for P Coy if they want to? If true seems a bit strange to form it in Wakefield when you have two other units trying to recruit the same type of guys 'just up the road', 4 PARA in Pudsey and 131 Cdo Sqn in Hull?
  8. I believe 131 Cdo Sqn are going to form part of this airborne engineer sqn. I agree that the units will be attempting to recruit the same kind of guys, however at least they will have a choice between inf/eng.
  9. Duke, You are quite right about the number of trained soldiers applying to join 4 PARA. I was told recently that 4 members of the Tyne Tees, 1 x EWRR, 3 x RMs, 1 x London and 6 from 1,2 and 3 PARA have recently transferred in. All of the trained soldiers passed p-coy. In the past some have had to attempt p-coy on 2 or 3 occasions. From start to finish 80% of those trained soldiers that apply to transfer pass p-coy. The LI Coy are more than capable of passing p-coy according to my contact who is an instructor on the recruit training team and holding platoon.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I know about all of those lads. Just remember that they were all volunteers, who chose to make the effort to attempt P Coy. Were they from across the age and rank structure, or just the keen young toms? It is a bit difficult to extrapolate that level of success to an enforced attendance from a standard TA Inf Coy, however good they may be.

    Also of your 15 people mentioned, 6 were ex Regular Para Regt, and 3 ex RM, leaving a grand total of 6 who were true first timers to any form of physical selection process.

    I am not trying to rain on anyone's parade, just stating that you are unlikely to get 80% success from an existing infantry coy.

  11. i would be interested in a link for this. LI are 'traditionally 'airmobile' as opposed to 'airborne', but in these 'one size can be manipulated to fit all' times it wouldn't surprise me.
  12. Do you really think we are to have another para element in west yorkshire. KOYLI will be Engineers nothing more.
  13. How wrong could I be!

    TA LI has been kicked out of Yorkshire Regiment with 1 coy surviving in the TA RRF Bn (with platoons in Co Durham and Doncaster), well is that the final end of the TA KOYLI.

    Will that effect recruiting for regular LI, have they just given up after facing the overwhelming PR generated by the Yorkshire Regt. Can't believe their swapping rifle green for maroon, where will this Para Sqn get its recruits from Leeds is only a few miles away and also has 4 Para and SAS(R) (plus the volunteer marine cdo Engineers in Hull now have to stop commando training and start doing P Coy as part of the new sqn)
  14. I believe a fair proportion of the Hull Cdo Engr Troop are para trained anyway, parachute slots were allocated to 131 Sqn for its Recce Troop but in practice Brize slots were given out across all four locations. Of course with the current rules concerning pre-parachute selection in 16 AABde anyone who has passed all-arms commando course gets a free 'pass go.. go straight to PTS'.. so only anyone joining the new Sqn from now on will have to do P Coy. As for recruiting maybe the lure of a slightly different kind of unit will pull guys in from futher afield, or maybe they need to do a deal with 4PARA... you take the West and North Ridings and we'll take South and East Yorkshire!
  15. So what badge will they wear the RE or their own ??????