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TS.. narrow it down a bit.. are you talking about a march, a bugle call or another piece of music with bugles in it? When/ where do you remember hearing it?


Book Reviewer
Probably one of:

Silver Bugles
Rifle Regiment
Sir John Moore

They're on 'A Living Tradition' if you can get hold of a copy.


Find the name, pm me your email and I'll send an MP3 version of it!


Tech_Spanker said:
Hehe, aye well. Still havent found the name of it so I reckon the best thing to do is give em a bell and ask. Cheers anyway fellas.
pm me with your e mail and I'll send a scan of the back of the cds from the lt div band!
Tech, was you at the 5 Rifles formation parade? If so I was and can get all the calls, parade music etc off the Bugle Major, that may help you to find the Tune you are after.

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