Light Infantry Drill

Discussion in 'ACF' started by piekilla, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. Quite a simple question, in two parts.

    A. Do 7 The Rifles perform light infantry drill.
    B. In light infantry drill does the leg below the knee hang at 90° to the rest of the leg.

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    As a pose to
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    Been having a few clashes of heads between Cadet Sjt.'s.
  2. I think I can answer this if I decipher the post.

    Yes 7 Rifles do light drill.

    The foot is only lifted about 6 inches from the ground, arms swing to the waist instead of shoulder.
  3. P.S. If in doubt check YouTube for videos of freedom parades etc. There is a video of Salonika Company that shows a perfect example of a half facing the left...
  4. 7 RIFLES do light varying degrees, since many O's etc. transfer in from heavy regt.s to follow work!

    And yes, low arms and low legs. The words of command are different too, with many attentions, turns, eases, marches, combined into one command. Finally, 140ppm.
  5. Piekilla, do yourself a big favour and go over the Army Cadet Forum instead at: Army Cadet Force . com and ask cadet-type questions there. Because sooner or later you'll just get mockery and abuse on here, or suggestions of an unhealthy nature. Probably sooner than you'll think too. This forum is well known for it's poor attitude to Cadets, but the Army Cadet Forum is more age-appropriate.
  6. The latter is correct.

    301. The two basic movements of foot drill used in instruction are:

    a. Bend the right/left knee/leg.
    b. Force the right/left foot forward.
    302. Bend the right/left knee/leg. One leg is kept braced back with the foot flat on the
    ground. The opposite leg is raised 6-8 inches, in front of the body with the knee bent.The
    foot hangs naturally, with the toe directly under the knee.
    The leg is then straightened and
    the foot forced to the ground so that on impact the ball and heel of the foot reach the ground
    at the same time. The whole movement is completed at speed.
    303. Force the right/left foot forward. One leg is kept braced back with the foot flat on the
    ground. The other leg forces forward with the knee braced, ready to carry the weight of the
    body forward.
    304. There is to be no over exaggerated bending of the knees or shooting the foot forward
    unless otherwise laid down within the RIFLES Drill Manual. These two basic movements
    should be demonstrated to all students before their first lesson.

    If you have access to a printer...
  7. The way it's written makes it sound alot harder than it is....
  8. Cheers for all the responses. I have been the one pressing for us to move to the latter execution of drill, but it's been a nightmare trying to convince others, hopefully with the manual I'll be able to.
  9. I've got a better idea.

    Do drill like it is in the ACF Manual.

    Rather than the Rifles Manual which actually isn't for teh ACF. You are ACF dressed as Rifles, not Rifles.
  10. Are you one of the noisy little buggers at Brock?
  11. Don't be a dick, they still wear our cap badge and uniform so should do our drill. As far as I know Oxon and Bucks ACF only teach light drill not the heavy/stampy feet thing.

    You want to wear a units cap badge/belt/TRFs etc but not use a (unique) tradition.
  12. Bullshit, cadets are part of our regiment.

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  13. Cadets are not to wear TRFs regardless... I refer you back to the bit where I said they are 'Army Cadet Force wearing [insert capbadge here], not [insert capbadge here].

    The problem with ACF Countys deciding they are Rifles and doing Light Drill is that EVERY course in the ACF and every other unit does Drill. The Cadets on SCIC and Frimley must quickly learn Drill in order to pass things like the Drill Instructor phase... then I could go in to the bit where noone seems to actually know Light Drill therefore those that do it are shocking... then the arguements and dramas between ACF doing Light Drill v everybody else on a parade (ie Rememberence) as some nutter with barely a clue to what they are doing argues the toss that their 12 kids should do 'their' drill.

    We could also discuss teh Gloster ACF deciding they'll carry on wearing the back badge in defiance of the Dress Regs of the Regiment they are apeing.
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    ACF and CCF Army sections follow the Army Proficiency Certificate which is the framework the training manuals are written around. With regards to drill the manual makes it clear. All drill taught as part of formal training is to be standard army drill as per "The Drill Manual" What the Cadet movement insist on calling "Heavy Drill."

    Light drill can be taught outside the APC training periods as an interest but it is just that, an interesting aside.

    Another thing to remember, there is no such thing as "ACF drill"

    Anyone CFAV who says of a drill movement that "The ACF don't do it like that" should be beaten until his liver ruptures, this is a sure sign of a no mark ex-cadet of limited intelligence who has never served a day in uniform outside The Tufty Club.Any cadet should have the error of his ways explained to him/her, politely, and told not to listen to Johnny No Stars who know nothing.

    Crack on and enjoy learning Light Infantry Drill but it should not be the default drill of ANY detachment.
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