Light Inf/RGJ vs. The Rangers

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by dev111, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. sorry to post this kind of thread here, however i'm genuinely interested in who is better. The Rangers claim to be the best LI in the world. Now im sure the Paras/French Foreign Legion could make them eat their words, but could our light troops?

    I know that the rangers are trained to do things our Light Div. Troops arent usually, such as fastroping from helis and the such. But if you pitted 100 light div troops vs 100 US rangers, who would come out on top? :eek:
  2. Theyre different troops for different roles. The closest troops we have to the role of the rangers (that is raiding/shock troops/SF support) are the Paras and Royal and that isnt really accurate as they dont even have the exact same role as rangers which is specifially "SF Support/Raiders" as opposed to "Airborne infantry" and "Raiding/Amphibious specialist infantry" (well so they 50 km inland). Although we still have a "ranger" battalion being formed or been formed i believe?

    Of note these "Who is teh b3st3st" things normally descend into rubbish might i add
  3. "The Rangers", refering to the us army rangers?

    they're all talk and no trousers. they consider themselves to be "hot-shit" special forces and "up there" with the likes of delta. i guess they are up themselves.

    oh hold on... just like your average para! i guess they're more similar than they would admit :D
  4. haha, yeah i meant US Rangers :p
  5. It's the old my dad is harder than your dad argument, just like the PARAS and Marines, noody is better than anybody, your trained for your role and thats that...
  6. Leadership, Resourcing, initial training and ethos and pre-deployment trg and collective trg, properly built up to get the guys gelled as a team. Anybody can be 'elite' if they're given these things. A sparky shiny role that makes our image-obsessed political masters wet between the thighs will assist a units chances in getting these things. But my fine county infantry battalions in the war were respectively elite Chindits and elite airlanding troops.
    And we're still elite!
    Lt Div are cracking line infantry troops, who are as sharp as they're permitted to be sharpened.
    US Rangers a v good bunch. Don't slag them - they're good lads. But they're advantaged in being protected from mundane tasks (like the RAAT table, providing OPFOR for BATUS etc) that we have to deal with.
    Nonetheless, in a dark alley on a cold wet night, with eight pints in him, I'd put my money on a British Infantryman against a Ranger, a Spetznaz, a SEAL or any other floppy!
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  7. that is the funniest/stupidiest thing i have ever read on here
  8. Its also why we ruled two thirds of the globe!!!
  9. Hmmm Interesting I wonder :?
  10. Fast roping is for pussies that can’t abseil.

    If the aircraft can get low enough to fast rope their cargo, they can get low enough to let the cargo walk off the cab.
  11. tis why some of the reme mechanics are well endowed in the waist department.
  12. Back in the 1960s infantry Bns would find themselves on operations in the likes of the Radfan, Aden and Borneo at the drop of a hat (my own Bn served in all three). Infantry units/sub units were inserted via helicopter on ambush, recce and fighting patrols, river patrols were not uncommon in Sarawak. Infantrymen would abseil (rappel) from helicopters on insecure LSs, build LSs, conduct cross border ops, patrol for anything up to three weeks at a lick, liaise with local tribes etc., all the tasks it seems only 'Special Forces' are trusted with now. Judging by reports in the media from Iraq the infantry have lost none of the aggression their forebears were famous for so why the reliance on special forces?

    My experience of US Ranger units was they were good guys though lagged a little in comparison to a fit, experienced, Brit infantry Bn. I'm sure things haven't changed dramatically since my day (except of course for todays predilection to employ and exhaust 'special forces' where decent infantry Bns would do.

    I also agree with GROWNUPS_BEWARE!
  13. Ya you old Rouge
    "tis why some of the reme mechanics are well endowed"

    well where in my day.
    PS How the f ya find out ?
  14. We had a CSM in 2RGJ who did the Rangers course and came top,mind it was the 70s!
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