Light house topic pulled...???

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by BlueDanubeWalt, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. God, does there have to be one of these "why did the thread get pulled?" borefests every time something gets chopped?
  2. yes...???...why are you a nuLabour robot..??..
  3. Well an explanation would help for next time surely?

    (btw, I dont even know what the thread was about).
  4. New labour? No, don't vote for far right parties.

    Just seems pointless to have "where did my thread/the thread I was reading go?" topics: they always go for the same reasons:

    a) potential for getting the site in the shite
    b) dullness
    c) the mod of the forum in question feels like it.

    Explanations of any of the above don't stop similar threads occuring.
  5. It was moved to the Hole


    where it can fail to bore the rest of us
  6. Thanks...that's all I wanted to know...!!
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I'll tell you why. Because you posted 2 pages of random shit all over it.

    Now sort yourself out, or fuck off.
  8. You mean the very straightforward questions that you can't answer...there all public on here...I post open..why don't you and the other 'running dogs' do the same...??..its easy, are you badged/winged/selected or even attempted, easy answer...yes or no...??
  9. Does it really matter, aren't we all supposed to be one big happy family. It's not the boy scouts and their "I've got more badges than you".
  11. Five........................
  13. That, my dull Scots friend, appears to be your mantra. I'll bet every poor long-suffering sod in your local can recite your service history and last their sleep.

    Tell us a poem you big timing dullard.
  14. Yeah quite right, I'm no 'hero' when I signed on this site I did my 'CV' on an open post.. no way would I pass opinons on things I had no expirience of...would make me a real 'walt'...these guys..sorry gal are serving, I've got my opinion on the 'lighthouse'....thats OK...but the 'rabid dogs'...they are the real walts, made worse that they know 'excactly what walting is...civvy walts...Ok, you can always find an excuse, 'unqualified to pass an opinion serving walts'...there all yours...!!!... thats it from me.. best change your 'handles' dog pack, your on the 'edge'....