Light gunner or as90

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 888lep, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. I'm joining the RA but I'm unsure as to what role I want.
    i like the sound of light gunner with the idea of being an artillery observer.
    but I don't know what other roles I can put down on my application, bearing in mind being in a tank would be my idea of hell.

    thank you for you time
  2. Go in a tank. You'll love it once you get into it.
  3. Have you considered the RAF regiment so you can go and badger another forum?
  4. I really couldn't go in a tank and isn't air defence a bit too far from the action?
  5. Arghhhhh!

    *punches a small child in a fit of "Crap Wind Up" induced rage*
  6. Be a trackpad for AS90.
  7. I never realised that an AS90 was a Tank!
  8. Join a Locating battery and save yourself the grief of cleaning those long barrelled noisy things
  9. where I come from when someone says they're joining the ra it means something else entirely!
  10. Aye you could. There's a little door on the back so you'd get in easy.
  11. it was a big back door 25 years ago!
  12. I find light guns easier to carry.
  13. Is it not possible to go on some sort of familiarization course with the RA? I did a PO 'course' in Germany with the RA and spent time with a 155mm crew. I'd assumed that the bloke in charge stuck his wetted finger up to check the wind, raised the barrel a bit and pulled the string/pressed the button - nice and straightforward. Imagine my dismay when they started buggering about with prisms and whatnot on a tripod behind the vehicle - they even broke out a calculator and a map. This seemed like cheating and frankly put me off the whole show.

    The fearful stench of 5 blokes farting in the confines of the crew compartment was pretty grim and the the general laid back attitude of the chaps (one fellow had is DPMs out side of his puttees the whole time I was with them) slightly worrying.

    This fellow with the slack trousers obviously trusted me though, as he put me to work digging important 'fire trenches' behind the vehicle. I was on my third when I noticed that they were stowing the aiming business away in preparation to moving on.