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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Lurch, Jul 28, 2004.

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  1. Now that the operational light guns all have APS:

    1) Is there any way of sighting the weapon in indirect fire if the APS breaks down or the batteries go flat?

    2) Does the APS have a direct fire mode or is the gun fitted with a direct fire sight? (I thought there was an AT round (HESH?) for the LG when it was first introduced - presumably we'd used the US M67 HEAT round with the L5?)
  2. I'm not a gunner but as far as i know the LG has an 'iron sight' arrangement for direct fire AT role. Would love to see that in action. Any videos anywhere?
  3. 1. Yes, there is.

    2. Yes, there are telecopic direct fire sights.

  4. when APS goes down we revert to the trusty old QFC for elevation, and a Prismatic compass for line, and the CWS is used for tank action i believe.
  5. Isn't the DFS used for tanks?
  6. DFS is used on AS90 to the best of my knowledge
  7. DFS fits onto the APS LG sight bracket
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    that's typical for most officers though isn't it?
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    Tut Tut door bundle you know the rules.......... OPSEC. The one rule you constantly fail to take into account. Remember it is not just us that view this site, MOD and the DRA do too, so if you want to point out something that should not of happened, dont do it in this forum.

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