Light gun, MLRS, AS90 careers

Probably a bit of an ambiguous question, but can anyone point out the pro's and cons of working with each of these systems? In terms of job variation, pay, frequency of tours etc? I want to work as an OP assistant, but have frequently been told to work on the guns first and gain a bit of experience. Considering this ultimate aim, can anyone offer advice? Cheers for any help.
IMHO it has to be guns and in particular Light Gun as these units go on exercise /operations all over the place and minimal time is spent in barracks doing maintenance (AS90 & MLRS have tracks and much more time is required doing servicing / maint etc).

With the current employment system (called Crewman 2000) i believe that recruits are streamed at Phase 2 training i.e the instructors decide if you should go guns, Ops or Command Postn etc. This results in brand new gunners at the OP with no (or minimal) experience of the gun end.

IMHO you need knowledge of the gun end before going to the OP. 'We' always used to 'select' from the gun end to fill the OP ORBAT (jobs) which worked well. However the risk of starting on the guns now is you may stay there - which you may enjoy of course.

MLRS: cons - rockets are so expensive you rarely live fire, but you may get to do out of role tours such as Cyprus.

My advice would be to talk (over a beer?) to guys currently in regiments.

Where ever you end up make sure you enjoy it - good luck.
Cheers Super_Quick, you sound like you know your stuff.

One thing I can't suss out though is, even though many people have said the same thing re experience on the guns before doing an OP job, the recruiters still advertise this role as if it's something anyone can do straight from phase one. I guess it's the old carrot and stick thing.

Cheers again.
The reason behind streaming people at ph 2 is cost. If you train them to be gun no.s then you have to re-train them to be OP Acks thus paying two lots of training costs. If you train them once in Ph2 to be OPAck you only pay the one time cost. JUST ENOUGH JUST IN TIME.
Morty you can go straight to OP the lads are just saying that you won't appreciate what happens at the coal face(Gun End).
One of the reasons the Offrs start at the gun end and work their way forward.
Not too sure how it works these days but when i was in up to the end of the 80's you never really had a choice. I was trained on the guns (Light Gun, Abbot & M109), CP Ack, Flaggy & OP Ack. They would appear to offer you chances but for most they never actually came.

Best thing to do though. Go and do a bit of time on the Cannons regardless. Its what the RA is all about so its good experience. Once your there though it may not be that easy to get out of. You need to push your Troopies hard into getting you the courses then a shot at doing the job you want to do. The OP's in my day were a close knit bunch and weren't keen on new lads coming in either.

If its being away from camp you want and always being on one ex or another then OP Ack is the job. Got to say its what i enjoyed most. Small group working independanly suited me just fine.

Best of luck anyway.
On the MLRS side

1. If you want OP's steer clear, they don't have any (unless you count 4/73)
2. Unlike Gun Btys, most roles are not with the weapon, only 3 man an MLRS, most guys spend there time driving DROPS
3. Although the vids of it firing to the tunes of "Don't stop me now" look cool, it is in fact rather boring during launch as the windows are covered and the only way you know you are launching tends to be the vehicle rocking from side to side
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