light gun gurus??

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by cityloyal, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. ok then bear with me...
    can the light gun be de-elevated?? i.e barrel pointing down and fired??
    if so and this is the difficult bit, whats the angle or trajectory required??
    and how close could you fire a round in a de-elevated position and hit the ground??

    sorry if its all gobbledygook!!
    any help would be appreciated.
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Would the recoil not lift the gun from the floor if its barrel was depressed below 90 deg?
  3. it can be used in the A/T role and can fire under the horizon, but at what angle I wouldn't know. As for hitting the ground in front just set it up in front of a berm and you will soon find out what happens if you get the elevation wrong!
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

  5. The reason im asking is that an ex gunner friend is saying that he was on a gun line and the barrel was de-elevated 30 degrees. The gun was fired and the round hit the floor thirty feet in front of the gun and then bounced 5 km away??

    IM hoping the answers NO as i have been ripping into him for two days solid!!!
  6. Errrrrr....are you sure that you:

    a. Heard him correctly?
    b. Wasn't high on something grown in Colombia/similar?
    c. Aren't in fact posting this to attract several huge bites?


    And it's 'depressed', not 'de-elevated'.

    Purely as a matter of technical interest, it is feasible that the round could exit the barrel at around 300m/s, hit a surface that wasn't too hard as to cause the round to break up, nor too soft as too let in burrow in, then somehow retain sufficient stability to travel a further 5000m etc etc etc...
  7. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    30 degrees seems a bit excessive unless there was a damn big hole in the ground in front of the gun (barrel about 5m long? trunion about 1m off ground?, 30 degrees down gives the muzzle brake 1.5m underground). It probably can go down that far, but haven't got access to the gun books anymore to check.

    If nothing else the gun would not be happy afterwards, probably wreck all the recoil system (depending which charge they used), the gun does have max and min limitations on elevation depending on the charge size. The shell wouldn't have been happy either, I'd be surprised if it kept any ballistic spin and the fuze was probably destroyed.

    So basically yes it may be possible, but the gun would have been wrecked, the shell flying like a brick and probably wouldn't detonate at the far end leaving a messy job for the ATO/EOD bod when he turned up.


    p.s. never tried it so can't guarantee the answer is right and I'm a munitions man more than ordnance.
  8. Definitely heard him correct :)
    the barrel was DEPRESSED!!. 60 Mils and the round hit 30 feet in front of the gun position and dissapeared 5 km away.
    now... and heres the good part, this happened ten times before it was realised!!!
    surely some gunner range conducting officer would have been having a heart attack on the gun line if this had happened just once.. but ten times??
    is this story not part of artillery folklore?? or is my mate just completely full of shit???
    i can get the unit if anyones interested??
  9. Yes, I want the unit and dates please.
  10. Fuck that, they can deal with their own blinds.
  11. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

  12. I liked blinds because it meant Lt Cuddles and WO NotasnervouswhenIljoinedaswhenIleft got to blow them up!
  13. I'm not disputing that technically speaking, the Gun Posn blows its own blinds, but frankly I've not seen many GLSCs and BSMs that I'd trust to do it. And that's across the board...
  14. L118 elevation/depression = +70/-5.5 degrees
  15. My bold. 60 Mils is equal to about 3.38 Degrees

    I'm now confused as in your second post you stated 30 Degrees depression. This would be an angle of depression equalling 533.4 Mils 8O

    Edited for crap maths. It's the vodka I tell you