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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by EX_STAB, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Not quite a jobs discussion but seemed the closest forum to ask in.

    For those of you who work in engineering, what sort of charge out rate do you either charge or get charged?

    I'm thinking in terms of a modest light engineering company doing fabrication work, some milling and turning, general machining and so on.

    This is not the hourly wage for someone working in one that I'm after but the hourly rate that is charged per man hour of workshop time and facilities.

    It's easy to find this information for the motor trade but I can't get a good range of figures for light engineering.

  2. Anybody?
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  4. Min charge £25 per hour per man up to £35 per hour per man. Depends on job and who its for.
  5. That fits with what I thought. Thanks.

    Other opinions welcome.
  6. £45.51 per hour (within M25- £43.47 elsewhere) but this is mobile.

    Correspondingly lower if your work comes to you.

    Hope this helps as a guide.
  7. Thanks.
  8. £30-£35 per hour.
  9. Multiply above rates by a factor of 2 if working for a member of UKCG (formely MCG).
  10. absolute min of £24 per HR

    if your diary and order books are getting full, start to up the rate.

    those mates of mine I told you about charge £25-32 per HR for local work and £36-48 for the overseas oil stuff.

    a lot of it depends on whos the customer and how good your reputation is.
    once you start to get known and the orders are coming in remember the need to reinvest to stay compeditive (new machines and tooling) and you need to charge accordingly.

    now if your gunsmithing its a lot harder, being a niche market your having to quote at low rates on a small profit margin because of the opposition, and its a cut-throat market.
    around £24 per HR for basic shop gunsmithing (fitting scope rails etc ), to be honest, its a customer service thing to help sell the firearm.
    I charge £32 for threading a muzzle, after a while you have all the kit handy and the machine basicly set-up for threading and you can knock them out quite quick. getting a 1/2 UNF on a 10/22 should take no longer than 30mins.
    the real money is when your customising or manufacturing and selling your own product.
  11. This is just general light engineering rather than gunsmithing but from what people are saying the rates I'm charging seem right. Useful to have a check sometimes. :)
  12. what sort of work do you do then? engineer myself so just pocking my nose :D
  13. ANything for money!

    Fabricating a security cage this week and next. Last week was making some guard rails, week after next will be manufacturing an air flow restrictor for a power station.

    I design this stuff too. Often end up installing it.

    Equipment includes:
    Colchester Master
    Gantry crane
    Band saw
    surface grinder
    230A Mig welder

    Usual stuff really

    PM with orders! :)
  14. this is more your type of market.................. :D ;)

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