Light Drill

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Macks, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Would appreciate any help in learning the commands for Light Drill. Am aware that there's no use of "'shun," for example, as the drill movement is different, but what's this replaced with? (Never had to do Light Drill myself you see.)
    Many thanks,
  2. Everything starts and ends from :lol: the at ease, what happens in between is a blur.........
  3. The executive word used will be the name of the unit being drilled:

    Eg: F Company.... the word "company" will be used in place of "'shun". .. "Honour Guard" -= the word "guard."

  4. Tally ho chaps - chocks away - last one backs a homo.
  5. Actually 'shun' is used, but can be replaced with the name of the unit so, eg: For a recce platoon 'recce' becomes the cautionary word of command (normally 'squad') and 'platoon' becomes the executive word of command (normally 'shun'), so 'Recce ... PLATOON' (sound of boots slamming in on 'n' of platoon).

    This is quite formal and generally only used in front of heavy mongs to wind them up. :wink:

    Another light div other oddity is 'Stand ready', which is given as a command to brace up from the 'at ease'. Also that the timing of all footdrill is done to marching pace, so none of your 'One, two, three one', but rather 'Luftrutluftrutleft' at 160 paces per min or whatever depending on the reg/bn...

    Good stuff light div drill: done badly it looks like a pished-up catapillar on amphetamines, done well it looks smart, aggressive and purposeful.
  6. ..........and gives you shin splints! :wink:
  7. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Always funny watching more "lanky" Riflemen trying to take small steps :)
  8. I joined the Light Div, after I left Cadets (Heavy Div) and had to re-learn drill! The thing I always liked about Light Div drill, was the "double off" the parade square, looks amazing, but takes ages to pratice.

    Then after 4 years in the LI, I transfered back to Heavy Div, and because of my height (6"3) I always ended up as right hand marker, but with light div drill, this was fine, apart from the fact that I kept standing at ease after the halt was given! :) then I used to spend a lot of time in jail....... :)

    Light Div Drill, is the best drill in the world - Good luck to all the D&D's having to learn to march again!
  9. Other favourites are: 'Facing left - Halt' . 'To your right quick - march'. The best is 'Bugler sound the advance' - then followed by a pause whilst the bugler plays the Light Division call and the bass drum plays the 'executive' roll. However you cannot beat a battalion double past, the colours leading, the officers out in front (to keep out the way), rifles at the trail (easy with the SLR with its in built carry handle).
  10. Squad will move to the right, at the trail, quick march.

    One command, six drill movements and it looks the canine gonads.

    If its done right......
  11. I'm sorry, but Light Drill looks shocking.

    A slack handful of sleek Gurkas gadding about is just about acceptable in an amusing comedy way, but as for a battalion of LI or Green Slime waddling around with their arrses sticking out, puffing and panting, with the fat Majors at the front, bright red in the face in their ill fitting Service Dress - risable. The Colour Party just simply shouldn't be running. A shambles.

    'Smart, aggressive and purposeful' - Nothing could be further from the truth. The music is shite too. Drill should be stylish, precise, definite and awe inspiring......Proper Drill is!
  12. Can anyone in the British Army confirm that 'honour guard' is an approved term ?. I have come across many a Guard of Honour (or Guards of Honour to be correct), but Hon(o)ur Guard is very much a Septic concept.
  13. Queensman.. sorry you are wrong. You can always hear the excitement generated when a military Tattoo (not many left) has the monotony of Left naafi break Right naafi broken to the resounding Fall In from the Light Division Bugles followed by drum rolls at 160 to the minute. Always makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
    Oh yes RGSM I have shin splints.
  14. Is that the sound of a clock ticking ?
  15. It's not his fault ... its glandular :lol: