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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Bolton_Sig, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Hi, im currently in the signals and to be honest i f*ckin hate it, and im thinking of transferrin to the light dragoons, i was thinking of trying to go to the 9/12 lancers, but since no body as anything good to say about them ive now changed my mind to the light dragoons, and i was just wondering if any body can give me any information since the offical army website for them isnt very helpfull, any info will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    It's three decades since I was in (and they were Hussars) so my info is skewed.

    I had a friend who, having see me go into 15/19H, decided to go Sigs and he found it wasn't what he wanted. He did his nine but did not hang around. People assume they are all Geordies (and Yorkies) but even in my day, "foreigners" were welcomed. Clearly they had seen the light.

    Another friend's son decided to join up and go Recce like his Dad, but was "encouraged" into the 9/12L despite his father's service. He crocked his knee and never finished at Winchester. TBH, despite all the joshing of 9/12L that goes on in here, they are still cavalry which puts them a long way above the rest of the Army, whatever you read and you'd probably have a perfectly happy career with them. But from what I hear from the LD, they have maintained the family tradition that was evident in 15/19H.

    I have heard of attached personnel complaining about the LD's high standards of dress and discipline. Having heard of the bullsh!t prevalent in the Sigs, I don't see it being an issue to you. I served elsewhere after I transferred out, but I never served with a better unit than 15/19H.

    As somebody once said on this forum, the best RAC regiment is the one you join. FACT.
  4. Come on, surely there are some serving LDs, Who can give me information on the regiment ?
  5. Ring the RCMO direct - his number must be on the website. He'll tell you all you need to know. Otherwise you'll just get info from people who left 10 years ago.

    To be honest - it's a no brainer - you don't hear anyone saying bad things about them - especially in comparison to the 3/4 losers!
  6. LD's are a good bunch.I am biased (against my own unit) but LD's are the best FR regiment at the mo.Well thats what we all hear anyway.
  7. Mate, couldn't agree more! :D Though I will still say that 15/19 were the best Recce Regt that 3RTR had the pleasure of working with! :D Just a pity we couldn't understand you!!! :wink:
  8. Served with them for 3 years in Swanton Mortuary, I believe they are staying there for another 7 years still !! As a senior rank it was top notch, Mess life was fantastic and although not the most welcoming unit, once you are "in" you are in for life. Top bunch of lads and lasses and would serve with them again anytime.
    If your young and single, the accommodation is the new Z type however nightlife if any was always one of there main grumbles, but the unit puts a bus on into Norwich one a week, Thursday I think.

    Thats about it, bloody good bunch all round. :D :D
  9. Saved me a huge ammount of time when I was RSO, not having to bother with a BID fill ya narr, bonnie lad.
  10. Having worked alongside the LD's a few times i would only have good things to say about them, very proffesional and very good at what they do i'd say go for it!
  11. God i bet the signals were fun, worzels and geordies, bet some russian was banging his head on a desk, wondering when the chinks moved into west germany. :D
  12. Worked with them on Grapple 4. Good lads. SNCOs in particular v switched on. I doubt if the Mess will have changed all that much.
  13. And you think we could understand you???
  14. Chroist 'Biff' that was very PC of you! :D

    Ooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh! Raaaazaaaaar Blaaaaades and Baaaaaaacaaaaaannnnn Rorrrrrrrlls Do Da Do Da Daeeeee!!! :D
  15. oh and aint it your Birthday soon :) if so happy returns (you old git)