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Hi all, I've put my forms in to apply as a Regular Officer and one my interests is the Light Dragoons; I know they have strong ties to the North of England and as a local boy they caught my eye. I've read widely on the background, operations and equipment of the Regiment, and I was hoping some ARRSE users could give me the 'inside story', for want of a better phrase. What are the Dragoons like as a regiment, from those serving or those who've served with them?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.


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I served with 15/19H (LD's forebears). About 1979 a great man known to all simply as JC (who died last year and the attendance at his funeral was frankly astonishing) became RSM. His first words on a Wednesday morning parade, with a broad cockernee accent, were, "There's only one thing wrong with the 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars: there are too many Jawdees."

I visited the LD a couple of years ago. Apart from small dress details (in fact LD claimed to have restarted with a clean sheet when they drew up uniforms for the new regiment, but you cannot change history), and there being "too many Yorkies" (there were one or two from outside the North East), LD are 15/19H reincarnate.

I can tell you that as the regiment I served in, 15/19H were the best regiment in the world. FACT. (By adding "FACT" at the end of an internet post obviously makes it so.)

As I said to someone else recently, try and blag the last couple of regimental journals. When you have done your time, like every other soldier that ever walked, you'll be able to say, "The best regiment in the world is the one I served in. FACT."
Although I have never worked with the LD en masse, I have worked with individuals and know the regiment by reputation.

The individuals I have worked with (both commissioned and non) were a mix, as with any regiment, but most were good. However, I suspect that the regiment does tend to have a very self confident culture, which can be mistaken for arrogance. This probably stems from their reputation which has been consistently strong since the days of Bosnia.
As B-C said, they are not a bad bunch. Good on the piss and have a decent social scene. To be honest there is not a huge gap between all the recce regiments now. Its not like the 80s/90s. Everyone is doing the same ops and are just about at the same standard as one and other.


You could start by reading:

TITLE:The Light Dragoons: The Making of a Regiment (Pen & Sword Military) AUTHOR: Allan Mallinson UPC: ISBN: 1844154483

But agree with all other posts, excellent regiment, great sprit and very proud of their name and history.

A Regimental visit would answer a lot more questions.
Thanks all. I have a provisional ACA interview in August after A-Level results come out, and I'll hopefully get on some visits. I was warned at the AFCO that due to my GCSE grades/A-Levels I'll likely be pushed towards a 'technical' role; can 'technical' be spun towards RAC?


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I wanted to join the RAC in 1975. They saw my A-level result as making me overqualified and told me to look elsewhere. Big mistake. Wasted 88 days' pensionable service, they refused to let me transfer so I walked ("Discharge as a statutory right") and signed back up, with the proviso that I be allowed to join the corps of MY choice. Basically ended up wasting 8 months of my life.

Obviously 36 years on it must be different, but I'd encourage you to make known what you really want.

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