Light Dragoons

Discussion in 'RAC' started by D_Coll, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. hi all,

    I am currently undergoing training in the REME as an electronics tech and am seriously considering transferring to my local tank regiment which would be the light dragoons.

    I was wondering if anyone who is currently serving could tell me what a typical day in the regiment is like. The only thing keeping me here is the money and promotion however i was thinking do something i would enjoy more.

    Im sure there will be many more question but this will do for now.

    Cheers Dan
  2. first place i looked mate and even looked on but it doesn't talk about daily life which is my main concern.
  3. why not remain a tech, promotion and bounties are plentiful?
  4. At the moment it mostly involves applying lots of sun tan lotion and drinking lots of water...My other half is with them in Afghanistan, if you want me to pass on your details pm me your email address.
  5. yeah i know its a good thing being a tech but im just not sure if its what i want to do. I have the brains for it but its only the money keeping me here.

    Im guess promotion its pretty much like the rest of the army and about 4 years to get your first tape?

    thanks tiger lily ill pm you my email would be grateful for any input
  6. lol keep dreaming

    as a tech its every 2 or 3 years or so

    A friend of mine left LD a few years back - 22 years - at the dizzy rank of LCpl - a clever chappie also
  7. Really ?? How did he slip through the MCP system ? was he a mason? :?
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Or doing a job nobody else wanted to do and was good at it. Perhaps someone in the COC used their head.
  9. 8O Now do come on Pike your in the realms of fantasy !!! coc (k missing) using their loaves? is that allowed ? I thought the days of Brigadiers batman Lance jack hidden away as the spare watchkeeper on strength - were long gone? :)
  10. 33a most units dont use the mcp due to the dreadful undermanning seen by reduction of sqns and coys in inf bns.

    last time i saw it used was in 96, fally on an sps pte, 20 yrs in, 13 years on never come across it since
  11. :D When i left in 2000 MCP was word of the day (or was that just the RMaCO bigging himself up incase he got sussed out??) It was always fun trying to justify why the "Black economy" jobs shouldnt be filled with decent bods- Christ I nearly sound sympathetic !! They've only got 4 or 5 tanks to look after these days so i'm sure the messes are jammed to the gills with quality waiters :eek: Now what was this thread about again :sleepy:
  12. OK, please enlighten an old sod. Wwhat the **** is MCP?
  13. Manning control point-- RHQ speak for "You are a knobber get out" or "We are posting you to make way for more RLC bods" :lol:
  14. Or even" We need to promote a pay corps throbber,your off to Bovvy forever"